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by Darth Naga on May 17, 2010 · 2 comments

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Blairs Ultra Death

Blairs Ultra Death

Well its that time again chilefanz!! Today I bring you my latest video review, and I reckon this one may just go down in history as the second stupidest thing I have ever done (the first will hopefully be uploaded to youtube at some stage LOL!) stupid for the simple fact that after hearing from Rose Seymour that James beck said “we don’t use milk in our video reviews in the US” I decided to hit the bottom end of mental and do a vid review WITHOUT MILK!! But anyway, the sauce I am reviewing today comes from the godfather of the US hotsauce scene Mr Blair Lazar himself, and this particular sauce is famous for not only being the hottest sauce he mass produces, but also for being one of the only ones to have its name changed during his major rebranding last year!

Ingredients: Red Habanero pods, Naga Jolokia, Cayenne Chillies, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavour, Tomato Puree, Pirri-Pirri Chillies, Lime Juice, Salt, Spices.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by www.Hot-Headz.com)

Okay so as you are about to see, Blairs “Ultra Death” is his hottest sauce that he makes regularly, obviously his one-off’s and special editions etc are usually hotter but not mass produced like his “Death sauce” range, this one is slightly more special than the rest of the range though as it went through a name change during the big rebranding that Blair did last year (talking of rebranding have you seen the new Hot-Headz rebranded stuff? OMG its awesome and very sparkly LOL).

The sauce used to be known as “Jersey death” but when the rebranding happened Jersey came out the other side as “Ultra death” I kinda dislike the name change as “Jersey Death” sounded a bit more personaL AND it was hotter back then too, although the ingredients are identical save for the addition of Naga’s and the removal of pumpkin seed!

The bottle itself as you can see on the video is very bright and colourful which i think accurately reflects the colourful nature of the dark red liquid inside the bottle, but have a look at the vid, then i’ll tell you a little more afterwards!

SOOOOOOOOOO as you can see this is a mentally hot sauce but with an awesome cayenne flavour to it, its also slightly salty and very savoury which i really liked, and for a change the bitterness of the extract was well masked by the use of 4 different chilli’s coupled with the other flavours Blair has used, such as the lime juice and salt which i believe is no bad thing!

Hot Headz are the official importer of Blairs products here in the UK and one of the only places you can buy this sauce! Its available at a lovely £7.95 from www.hot-headz.com which i think is a great price for what is argueably one of Blairs best and hottest sauces to date!

So get yourselves over to www.hot-headz.com now and procure a bottle of this, and while you’re there if you REALLY like the heat then make sure to grab a bottle each of “Who Dares Burns” and “Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault” the 2nd assault is actually HOTTER than “Ultra death” and one of the hottest UK sauces on the market!!

Until next time chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!!


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avatar andy May 17, 2010 at 8:14 pm

Lol, Looked pain full dude. But your hics didn’t last as long as normal you feeling all right today? Love the sauce keep fighting the good fight brother naga.


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