Orange Krush Hot Sauce

by Darth Naga on May 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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Orange Krush Hot Sauce

Orange Krush Hot Sauce

Well, it looks like its time for another of my hot sauce reviews to tantalize your tastebuds!!

I’ve been sent a bottle of “Orange Krush” to taste and give my (expert? lol) opinion on, this sauce again comes from and i believe is the only place in the uk you can buy it, i say this as after a brief search using the trusted google, hot-headz was the only one that came up in the uk!

Now the sauce itself is an interesting once, the scent of it will have you thinking “what is that smell?” and i can honestly tell you i have no idea but when you first smell it take a look at the vast ingredients list and draw your own conclusions, this is one that truly plays hopscotch with your olfactory senses!!

Orange Habanero Peppers, Vinegar, salt, Celery Seed, mustard, Red Pepper, Black Pepper, Bay Leaf, Clove, Allspice, Ginger, Mace, Cardamom, Cinnamon and paprika.

As you can see from the ingredients list, there are so many things in this sauce (all natural i hasten to add, no extract here!!) that you really can’t pin down the aroma to just one ingredient, the color however quite obviously comes from the red peppers, orange habanero and paprika, which when all three are combined gives it this beautiful orangey red color that is dotted with little black specks and pepper seeds, and i for one LOVE pepper seeds in my sauces!!

The label is a bright mixture of blues and yellows and oranges and greens with a cartoon of a guy getting an electric shock whils plugging in two habanero peppers (WTF???), upon tasting the sauce i have to say that i was greeted with a strong mix of flavours that i can personally only pin down to three ingredients, although i am sure others would find different flavours to me…i could taste vinegar, mustard and alot of black pepper, my mouth was warm and although the chile hiccups did’nt kick in i did get a bit of a sweat on, which is saying something!!

The sauce is nice and hot but not stupid and the heat is all natural, perfect for old and new chile headz alike!! The taste is similar to Encona scotch bonnet sauce, but ALOT more complex, at only £4.99 for 150ml i think this sauce is excellent value for money and will have a place in my sauce cupboard as i love the flavour of black pepper and this is one sauce that has it in spades!!

Overall its peppery and full of crunchy seeds and has an irresitable color that you’ll love, and its all natural to boot!!!

Buy it now from and tell em Darth Naga sent you!

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