Darth Naga Reviews:- Mr Vikki’s Hot Lime Pickle

by Darth Naga on May 6, 2010 · 1 comment

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Mr Vikki's Hot Lime Pickle

Mr Vikki's Hot Lime Pickle

Well, the elections are upon us and I find its quite easy to get bogged down in political debates and other nonsense so I decided to take myself away from it all for a moment and write a review on one of “Mr Vikki’s” amazing products! Mr Vikki has had a couple of reviews on this site so far and I am sure that as long as he keeps making quality chilli products then we’ll keep on reviewing them!

But anyway, enough of all that, lets get on with the review!

Ingredients: Limes (80%), Sunflower oil, Salt, Chilli, Fresh Ginger, Spices, Mustard.

(Review jar kindly supplied by www.mrvikkis.co.uk)

So here I sit, an open jar of “Mr Vikki’s hot lime pickle” on my desk and a huge smile on my face, the smile being there for the simple reason that this pickle is amazing, i’m just getting that out of the way now… I don’t know how Adam and Mary do it but they do! and they do it very, VERY well! Right now the praise is done for the moment, the pickle itself comes in a nice sized 200g jar with a bright yellow label plastered across it that proudly declares the name of the pickle and the fact that it has indeed been homemade in the lake district.

The pickle itself is a somewhat browny colour, with flecks of red and white throughout and generous chunks of lime suspended for all to see, this is a pickle that “Mr Vikki’s” is clearly proud of, and so they should be!

I grabbed myself a fork and the jar and brought it up to my nose, the smell from it just being open on my desk was enough to make me smile but when I pulled it to my nose and took a deep, hearty sniff I smiled just a little bit more…you can smell the limes, ginger and mustard all blended together to create another fine fusion of ingredients that work so well in everyday food. I placed the fork into my mouth and chewed the piece of lime a little as the rest of the pickle just melted on my tongue.

I find with alot of supermarket lime pickles they are either too sweet, too bitter or simply just too sharp and citrussy (is that a word?) whereas “Mr Vikki’s hot lime pickle” is just beautiful..its a pickle that relies on all the ingredients coming together as a palate pleasing punch of pure pleasure, (WOOOHOOO ALLITERATION A GOGO!) rather than just relying on the one ingredient to hopefully shine through. The heat level is more than manageable for just about everyone I think, heck even my mother likes this and shes not a massive heat fan, in fact she mentioned how she liked the slight tingle it left in the mouth afterwards!

A jar of this will set you back £2.75 directly from www.mrvikkis.co.uk, and at that price you should probably buy a couple as i’ve only just noticed that during the course of this interview I have almost polished off this jar!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce (and pickle) be with you!!!


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