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Word up my chilli compadres! here I am once again with another hot sauce review to brighten up an otherwise boring work day! The sauce i’m reviewing today comes from one of the grandmasters of the UK hotsauce scene, none other than Stuart McAllister aka “Dr Hotz” who runs the company “Hot Headz” (henceforth known as HH).

Hot-Headz Naga Sauce

Hot-Headz Naga Sauce

Stu started HH back in 1994 and over the past 16 years it has become not only one of the best places on the net for import hot sauce, but they also make some damn fine sauces themselves, including my personal all time favourite “Who Dares Burns“.

But enough about me and my favourite things, lets crack on with this mouthwatering review!

Ingredients: tomato, water, onion, sugar, vinegar, naga chilli, ginger, garlic, salt and sunflower oil.

(review bottle kindly supplied by www.hot-headz.com)

Right, I’m not sure if we have done a feature on it yet (we definitely should!) but if you hadn’t noticed, HH have done a major re-branding across their entire own range of sauces, and amongst the re-brands there are a couple of sauces that have had the recipes improved, one of these is their “Naga sauce”. Hot Juan reviewed the naga sauce way back in may of last year (oh how time flies) and he found it to be very nice and thus gave it a good 3.5 out of 5.

Now I spoke to Stuart about his Naga sauce, as I still have a bottle barely touched, for the simple reason that it was wayyyyyyy to watery for me, the flavour was amazing but the consistency was too runny and lacked body. This “New improved recipe” Naga sauce therefore caught my eye and as such I HAD to review it!

The bottle looks absolutely amazing, the new HH logo and design of the labels is something that has really revamped HH in my eyes, the label contains the name of the sauce, its ingredients and a little about hot headz themselves along with a new improved chilli rating! This particular sauce has 5 chilli’s which obviously means its bloody hot!

I twisted the cap off and poured some out, instantly noticing the pungent smell of both garlic and ginger with the Naga lingering in the background making sure it wasn’t going to be ignored!

The consistency is VASTLY improved, it now actually has little chunks of Naga flesh and seeds throughout, the sauce has a slight orangey red colour to it with flecks of white and it pours beautifully, I wasted no time in placing the spoon into my mouth to fully savour the flavour and heat of this improved sauce.

Immediately I was hit with a slight sweetness which though unexpected certainly complimented the ginger and garlic well, a hint of Naga flavour was also present though perhaps not as much as I would have liked. The heat was piercing, my tongue immediately reacted to the heat by recoiling a little as the pain spread across my lips and the roof of my mouth. The heat was a lingering one, it seemed to hang around for a good 5 or so minutes before easing off enough for me to continue writing this review!

This is one fantastic Naga sauce, the heat and flavour are a perfect combination that seem to work well and I could imagine this sauce being good splashed over eggs, fish, chips and definitely burgers!! With barbecue season upon us you’d be mad not to go to www.hot-headz.com and pick up a bottle of this for a mere £3.99 which considering its many uses is a bargain price!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!!


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