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Okay, its been a while since i reviewed a hotsauce, so not one for rushing in headfirst with no due care and atten…OH who am i kidding i am actually a nutter, BUT on this occasion i am gonna ease myself back into the saddle slowly, so the sauce i have today comes from the “South Devon Chilli Farm” (henceforth known as SCDF) and rather than me going into a long drawn out description of who they are and what they do, you can read the article Hot Juan did on them back in july last year, here:

South Devon Chilli Farm Jalapeno Chilli Sauce

South Devon Chilli Farm Jalapeno Chilli Sauce

With that out of the way lets crack on and review the damn sauce!!

Ingredients: Fresh Jalapeno Chillies (60%), Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Salt.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

The SDCF’s “Jalapeno chilli sauce comes in a smaller than average 100ml bottle that is proudly emblazoned with the SDCF logo and of course the title of the sauce and their single red chilli taking pride of place slap bang in the middle of the label (actually looking at the range of sauces they do over at the red chilli is a common thing on their labels, which makes sense!) the sauce inside is of a murky green colour, seeds and fleck of white and brown can be seen floating inside, almost begging me to come and taste their wares!

After twisting off the top and pouring some out, the consistency is thinner than most and runs very easily out of the bottle, making this the ideal sauce to add to soups, stews and casseroles! Upon sniffing the liquid i noted the strong aroma of cider vinegar which worried me a little but i decided to give it a whirl as always do, placing the spoon in my mouth and swishing the sauce round inside to try and decode the flavours within.

Well..what can i say? the first flavour i noticed was indeed Jalapeno, and it wa such a beautiful savoury flavour that i really wanted it to last longer but unfortunately the cider vinegar and lemon juice combo put paid to that! I’m not entirely sure what has happened here as i KNOW the SDCF have some amazing sauces up their sleeves, Hot Juan has reviewed a few of their products and thinks they are awesome, i personally have tried their drinking chocolate (review forthcoming!) and found it to be nothing short of stunning…but this sauce fails to live up to the others in the range, the flavour after the initial jalapeno one is a very sharp, vinegary/appley flavour that in my opinion does not lend itself well to the chilli itself, that coupled with the bitterness from the lemon juice unfortunately makes for a sharp, bitter sauce with a musky aftertaste that does’nt sit well with me.

In fact, the only place i could find no fault was with the heat level, no doubt thanks to the Jalapeno’s this sauce has a competent heat level that will satisfy even the most ardent chilli heads, so if you are a big fan of cider vinegar and chilli, and are curious as to how they would work together then look no further than SDCF’s “Jalapeno chilli sauce” at £3.40 a bottle from where you will find this sauce amongst the many other amazing products they sell! (grab yourself some of the drinking chocolate, trust me you will NOT regret it!)

Until next time we meet my spicy friends, may the sauce be with you!


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