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by joebish on April 14, 2010 · 1 comment

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It’s hard to take Endorphin Rush seriously when looking at it. When I got my package from the Chile Foundry, I sifted through the little polystyrene Wotsits and lifted Endorphin Rush out first. With its’ comically psychedelic design and preposterously over sized warning tag, Endorphin Rush doesn’t strike you as something that would give you a serious burn.

Endorphin Rush

Endorphin Rush

I made this mistake. I put a generous amount of the sauce on a piece of bread; its’ murky and opaque texture is menacing, which should have been warning enough. I put the bread in my mouth and what followed was, honest to God, something I’d never experienced with any hot sauce thus far.

Ingredients:- Tomato paste, Water, Pepper extract, Vinegar, Sugar, Molasses, Soy sauce.

The pain was instantaneous and intense. I wish I could describe the initial taste to you, but I was so over whelmed by the heat of this sauce that I could not tell. I got a hint of thick molasses, but I was so busy trying to console my tongue I couldn’t focus.

With other supposedly ultra-hot sauces that I’ve tried, I managed to get a good taste of them before the heat hit, the fruitiness of Vicious Viper for instance. Endorphin Rush, instead, grabbed my full attention with its’ heat, which I suppose in itself, is an accolade in its’ own right.

I can only agree with the warning labels on the bottle: use this sauce as a food additive and it will not disappoint, but on its own, well, avoid it if you’re asthmatic.


Available from a number of UK suppliers including:- Hot-Headz, Scorchio and Dr. Burnorium’s Hot Sauce Emporium

Editorial Note: Please welcome Joe to our reviewing team, we asked him to review an old favourite Endorphin Rush, we hope to have more reviews to follow once recovery is complete.

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avatar whodaresburns April 14, 2010 at 4:16 pm

Hi Joe
Couldn’t agree more! Endorphin Rush is a much overlooked classic that we’ve been selling for 15 years or so. It doesn’t claim to be the hottest, indeed the makers dropped the heat down slightly when the heat wars started many years ago in USA, but it does pack a punch and the molasses adds an interesting flavour. It’s great used sparingly on BBQ’d sausages. It was rumoured to have been used by long distance truckers in USA to keep them awake!
All the best, Stuart / Hot-Headz!


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