Fiery Foods Festival Show Report (Easter 2010)

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This is my first visit to a Fiery Food’s Festival, and I was impressed by the first chilli event of the year, it is not a large event like West Dean Chilli Fiesta, but it is very well organised with enough to delight the visitor. There were lots of chilli products to taste, great food to eat, and even a tent with children’s entertainment and a live band.

Darth and Mrs Naga worked with TristamChilli on one of the stands organising tastings, Tristam was an event on his own, please ask him to do this seagull impression, it is well worth it!

The event was a great mix of food stand and chilli sauce providers including:-

Thrilli Foods

Thrilli Foods

Spicy Monkey – Who has a very impressive range of sauces and spice mixes, we have some to review, so you will know out verdict on these, but our initial tastes and repeated visit to their stand was ago indication of the quality of the products.

Thrilli Foods – Who’s amazing Green Chilli Pickle was backed up by some other equally good sauces and chutneys

David’s Chilli Oil – A very popular product this range of oils, and a unique flavour, ideal of drizzling on salads, using in a stir fry, or just marinating meat before grilling or BBQ’s.

Fiery Foods – A massive range of imported and UK produced sauces from there ship in the Brighton Marina, with tastings and advice from Darth Naga and TristamChilli.

Fiery Foods

Fiery Foods

ChilliPepperPete – Pete’s range is ever increasing with even more quality products from their own kitchen.

Fallen Angel MicroBrewery have been making Chilli beer for years and it shows in the well balanced taste of there brews, these are not beers with a bit of chilli added after brewing, but the chilli is an integral part of the process. But more of this later, we did get a few bottles to try.

Jethro’s – provided samples of their marinades, vinaigrettes, sauces and dips we loved the Green Chilli and Coriander sauce, we hope to get some of these to review in the next few months.

We visited the show of all three days and tried to eat at all of the food stands over, my family loved each one we tried, but my favourite was the pulled pork from the BBQ Shack, it reminded me of my visits to the USA, and has inspired me to fire up my Cactus Jack offset wood BBQ and to try to perfect my own real BBQ.

deli welli doo daaa

deli welli doo daaa

I have sold Chilli Ice-cream at events, but “deli welli doo daaa” had make a Naga Ice-cream that was about as hot as I have ever tasted, and very creamy being produced to order from an whippy style ice-cream machine, they also sold some very tasty chilli cupcakes.

Part of my visit was to act as a Judge at the first round of the National Chilli Awards, ChilliPepperPete, Darth Naga and myself tasted and rated a table full of sauces, Jam, Pickles and chutneys, we has to find the best in three categories Taste, Heat and Presentation and then a final Overall Winner.

The competitors had gone to some length to create these sauces, the winner of the Heat category had used vodka to make his own Bhut Jolokia Oleoresin the sauce being which as aptly name “The Evil One”

There was a big debate over who would win the taste award with two sauces “Destroy All Monsters!” and “Lilly’s Lime Ginger and Chilli Jelly” making it hard to pick a final winner, but after many re-tastes and discussion the winner was “Lilly’s Lime Ginger and Chilli Jelly”

After just missing out on the taste award, “Destroy All Monsters!” was a clear winner in the presentation category.

National Chilli Awards

National Chilli Awards

The Overall Winner of the first round of the national Chilli Awards went to “The Evil One” it was a major achievement to make a superhot sauce at home with such a good flavour and consistency, the choice was unanimous.

During the tasting we were filmed by a Public TV channel from Korea, so if you see me on Korean TV let me know.

Chilli Eating Competition Winner

Chilli Eating Competition Winner

At the end of each day there was a chilli eating contest, we stayed for the last one on the Sunday and this was likely to be the biggest and the BBC had entered Michael Mosley as part of a new series to be call “Pleasure and Pain”. Darth worked hard passing out the chillies and the sauces to be tasted, Michael was the first to drop out, and then after a few more rounds of hotter and hotter chillies there were just six competitors. Who then had to eat ChilliPepperPete’s Naga’s followed by Satan’s Shit Hot Sauce, then they combined them, and soon there were just 2 contestants left.

The competition had never got this far before without finding a winner, so out same a small bottle of SubLime a 3 Million SHU extract, this was first offered on a cocktail stick, but the last two competitor were still hanging on, a teaspoon of SubLime finally finished the event with the winner beaming and still seemingly unaffected by her trail by heat.

You can see more images from the event here

We had a great time and will not miss the next Fiery Foods Festival in Brighton on the 18th and 19th of September.
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