Dangerous Sauce for Boys No1 The Spitfire

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Dangerous Sauce for Boys No1 The Spitfire

Dangerous Sauce for Boys No1 The Spitfire

Inspired by Wilf, ChillPepperPete’s Son, this sauce contains a pepper I had not come across before, the Aleppo Pepper (A Capsicum Annuum), which is named after the town Aleppo in Syria, it’s not a very hot pepper, it is described as fruity, with undertones of Cumin and Raisins.

The sauce has a most unique flavour, initially I could smell the Soy sauce, and expected a that to be the main flavour, but while I could taste soy, it reminds me of making of the base sauce for a curry, lots of deep rich cooked onions, tomato and spices. ChilliPepperPete describes it as having Umami or savoriness.

I have to agree with him could see this sauce being used like a Tomato sauce; I had problems not dipping my lunch in it as I am writing this, also it may work as a coating when grilling chicken.

Ingredients: Onions, Tomatoes, Mixed Fruit Juice, Soy Sauce, Carrots, Sugar, Aleppo Flakes, Red Bell Peppers, Herbs.

I would like to try the Aleppo Chilli on its own to better understand the flavour, must ask Pete to let me have a try next time we meet.

I like ChilliPepperPete’s new image, but this label was a bit hard to read , they are getting there, but still a little design and testing to go. At £3.50 a bottle, it is not an expensive product for such a unique taste.

This sauce does not bite or kick, and it is an ideal introduction to artisan sauce making. Targeted at the children of Chilli Headz to get them used to big flavours, it is most defiantly not a sweet sticky chilli sauce, it is much more interesting.


You can order this on-line at www.chillipepperpete.com

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