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March 2010 and so far we have had over 100 sauces in for review this year. this is going to be a mega year for chillies

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites — March 2010Still on the top slot is Chillis Galore, most sites this month have seen there overall rank drop on Alexa, we also have just one new site in the Top 10 Sites with the Dartmoor Chilli Farm Joining in at #9.

Hot Headz & Scorchio Top 10 Products — March 2010 – Hot-Headz and Scorchio provide us each month with there Top 10 products sold that month via their web sites, I can personally recommend the Rangoon Racquest Club products we tasted some a few months ago they where excellent.

Easter Eggs for Chilli Headz – Just a quick note about Easter eggs for Chilli Headz, suspected you would all like one of these. The egg is 50% Naga infused chocolate and 50% While chocolate.

Email from The Chilli Pepper Company – We received this email a few days ago from Gerald at The Chilli Pepper Company

Thomasina Miers - Mexican Food Made Simple

Thomasina Miers - Mexican Food Made Simple

Mexican Food Made Simple – Thomasina Miers – Thomasina will always be know as the winner of MasterChef, but before that she had and at the age of just 18 she went to Mexico, and had since then worked as a freelance food writer.

The Chilli Review – Your Daily Chilli Newspaper – The Chilli Review is our news site, it is a kind of daily newspaper of what is being blogged about chilli’s around the world!

Bristol Fiery Foods Show Cancelled – We have hear bad new from ChilliPepperPete, they have been in negotiations to extend there successful Fiery Foods Show to Bristol, this looked like the idea location here in the South West.

Wessex Chilli Festival – Sunday 10th October 2010 – Now is its 2nd year, the Wessex Chilli Festival is being held on Sunday 10th October 2010 at the Cheese and Grain Hall in Frome, Somerset. BA11 1BE

The Chilli Pepper Company – Chinese Burn Review – Oh my god, I just had to re-read that again as I didn’t believe there were only 4 ingredients in this sauce, but there is just that…only 4 ingredients. “Chinese Burn” as this particular sauce is called, no doubt gets its name from the second ingredient in the list, the rice wine.

Hot Headz Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Ketchup

Hot Headz Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Ketchup

Hot-Headz – Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Ketchup – Just arrived at Hot-Headz is this new Habanero Extra Hot Chilli Ketchup, it comes in a traditional 390g ketchup style bottle.

Name that sauce? – The Dartmoor Chilli Farm is looking for a name for an extreme Naga Jolokia sauce it has in development, and it has set-up a competition to help find the right name.

News from the West Dean Potting Shed – Sarah Wain, Gardens Supervisor, at West Dean Gardens has sent us some pictures of the chillies growing at West Dean this year and she reports that most of the plants are growing way nicely in 9cm square pots in one of the Victorian Pit Houses.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Dark Chilli Chocolate – When I am going to taste a high quality dark chocolate, the first thing I test is how well is snaps, this may seem odd, but over the years I have learned that the better the quality the chocolate, the sharper and crisper the snap sounds when break off a lump.

Scott Roberts — Chilli Letter from America #4 – March in the U.S. marks the completion of the 22nd Annual National Fiery Foods and BBQ Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico and the beginning of the growing season for chile peppers across a large section of the middle of North America.

Discovery Foods – Mexican Wicked Chilli Spice Mix – Having developed and sold my own spice mixes I was ready not to like this, I have purchased mixes like this in the past and they tend to wimp out during cooking.

Firey Foods UK Chilli Festival – Easter Weekend Fun – The Firey Foods UK Chilli Festival Event opens at 10am till 6pm on April the 3rd/4th/5th in the Hove Gardens in Brighton.

Patent rights for Naga Chilli – “Nagaland government has finally won the patent rights for the Naga King Chilli and also registered as the proprietor of the chilli with the Government of India, according to the Geographical Indication Registry recently” – From report in the Nagaland Post

Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Mama

Chilli Pepper Company - Naga Mama

Darth Naga Reviews – Chilli Pepper Company’s Naga Mama – The sauce I have today comes from a friend of mine who runs the “Chilli Pepper Company” his name is Gerald fowler and i am sure that those of you who have been to at least one chilli festival wlast year will have met the man himself, he’s a larger than life guy who really loves the burn and everything associated with it, he’s tried all his sauces himself even the fabled “10 minute burn” that was banned from the FFUK last year, so when i say this man knows his chilli’s i’m putting it mildly!!

South Devon Chilli Farm – One-Pot Chilli Kit – A quick timely review of a new seasonal product from the South Devon Chilli Farm, so if you are looking to grow a chilli plant for the first time this year, then this may be the kit for you.

Fire Foods Nitro Video Review – The sauce I’m reviewing today comes from a relative newcomer to the UK hotsauce movement, but he’s a fast mover nonetheless and his sauces are highly recommended both by us here at the Chilefoundry and by his customers.. I am of course talking about “Woody” the owner and creator of “Firefoods” a company that prides itself on flavour above heat but oddly enough manages to excel in both departments, read on and lets have a look at what delights he has!

ASDA Rollback – Dave’s Insanity Sauce – ASDA has rolled back the price of Dave’s Insanity Sauce to just £2.98, this is a excellent price for this interesting super hot sauce, while there are better tasting sauces about, the once can truly claim to be the first.

Donino's Meltdown - The Revenge

Donino's Meltdown - The Revenge

Domino’s Launches “Meltdown – The Revenge” Pizza – Domino’s has now launched a hot Pizza that they claim is their hottest Pizza yet, and I have to agree for a national chain of Pizza Restaurants this is a very hot Pizza, much hotter than their previous ones.

Quick and Simple Chicken and Mozzarella Quesadillas Recipe – For this recipe you will need some Mexican Style seasoning like the one we made a while ago to give this the spicy warm flavour it needs.

Chilli Pepper Peter – Naga Green Headhunter Sauce – The sauce I am reviewing today comes from a man we all know and love, mr “Chillipepperpete”, based in brighton this guy has been producing quality hot sauces for years, he also tends to win alot of awards for his sauces too! he also helps his wife Miranda out with the FFUK festival now on three times a year!! Visit for more details!

Mexican Style Seasoning Mix Quick & Cheap (for Fajitas Tacos etc) – Last week I was teaching some basic cooking and needed a seasoning mix to put on Fajitas and a few other recipes we were making, I could only use supermarket basic stuff, no whole dried chillies, and no preparation time.

Dartmoor Chill Farm - Chilli Jam

Dartmoor Chill Farm - Chilli Jam

Felbrigg Hall Chilli Fiesta & Fete – 4th August 2010 – Felbrigg Hall Chilli Fiesta is a regional food and produce festival with a leaning towards the hot end of the spectrum.

Barrington Court Chutfest – 2nd/3rd October 2010 – Last year we visited the Barrington Court Chutfest and had a great time, this year the event is on the 2nd/3rd of October so if you are anywhere near we recommend a visit.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Chilli Jam – Initially the taste comes from the roasted red peppers, and this is followed by the Jalapeños, with a nice sweet over tones from the Apples and Sugar. This goes well with a nice strong cheese and crackers or how about glazed on to some cooked ham.. The mouth is starting to water just thinking about the possibilities.
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