Mexican Food Made Simple – Thomasina Miers

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Thomasina will always be know as the winner of MasterChef, but before that she had and at the age of just 18 she went to Mexico, and had since then worked as a freelance food writer.

Thomasina Miers - Mexican Food Made Simple

Thomasina Miers - Mexican Food Made Simple

I loved this new book, it is easy to see that it is one of Thomasina’s food passions, she writes as if she is about to cook this just for you, each recipe I just wanted to make there and then, each was simple enough for most people to attempt, and with the UK growing number of specialist suppliers ingredients will not be a problem, most supermarkets will do for 90% of things

The book is divided in to 11 chapters of recipes:-

Salsas, sauce & relishes – There are some recipes I will be making over the summer, and I am pleased to say a lot of which use Chipotles, which must be one of my favourite flavours, including a what sounds like an fantastic Chipotle ketchup.

Nibbles & side dishes – How about making your own Mexican pork scratchings! Or Chipotle flavoured grilled corn on the cob.

Street Food – Tortillas are the base for almost all Mexican street foods and while tortillas can be purchased in many supermarkets, making you own is very satisfying , and Tomasina’s instructions and easy to follow and are then followed by lots of ways to make use of them.

There are also chapters on Soups, Salads, Cheesy things, Slow-cooked main courses, From the grill, Soul food, Pudding as well as Drinks, each packed with recipes and beautiful photo illustrations.

The book concludes with a short guide to suppliers, none of which will be a surprise to our readers, but if you are new to this she has included suppliers from around the country.

Interested in Mexican food, buy this book Mexican Food Made Simple from Amazon.
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