The Chilli Pepper Company – Chinese Burn Review

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Okay, I know its only been a few days since I did a review of one of “The Chilli Pepper Company” sauces (, but after receiving this sauce I had to push it to the front because its a surprising one, I also have a soft spot for far eastern culture, namely Japan and China, not only that but the name of this sauce alone got me all nostalgic and remembering my school days when chilli’s were a far away thought…

The Chilli Pepper Company - Chinese Burn

The Chilli Pepper Company - Chinese Burn

Anyway after supping this sauce for the best part of a week now i HAVE to review it, otherwise it’ll get lost in my sea of sauces LOL

Ingredients: Fresh Chilli, Rice Wine Vinegar, Tomato, Garlic.

(Bottle supplied kindly by

Oh my god, I just had to re-read that again as I didn’t believe there were only 4 ingredients in this sauce, but there is just that…only 4 ingredients. “Chinese Burn” as this particular sauce is called, no doubt gets its name from the second ingredient in the list, the rice wine.

A strange thing to put into a sauce I thought, until I tasted it! The sauce comes in a standard CPC 140ml bottle that is filled to the brim with a wonderful smelling bright red sauce (no doubt the color comes from the tomato’s!) accompanying the bottle is a nice glossy sticker that bears the name of the sauce along with a smiling oriental person holding a pair of chopsticks!

The sauce is of a smooth consistency with the occasional lump of chilli/tomato flesh and seeds for good measure, twisting the cap off revealed the wonderful garlicky-tomatoey smell that sits inside, I grabbed a spoon and poured some out, placed the spoon into my mouth and held it there for a second of two until i could taste it and then swirled it a little…

WOW to say the flavour hit me like the “Shanghai Maglev” (google it :p) would be an understatement of immense proportions, I don’t know what Ged has done this time but bugger me he’s done it very well!! I could say it tastes a litttle like “8 Ball” which is another of his fine sauces, but its more than that, the rice wine vinegar does something here that i have genuinely never tasted in a sauce!

Ged has managed to marry this unique flavour with a level of heat that i believe is suited to just about anyone, its not too hot for the newbies among you, and it satisfies the psychopaths when they need a night off from the usual headbanging sauces.

Myself and Mrs Naga have been using this in everything we eat lately, thank god both Hot Juan and Ged sent me a bottle otherwise i wouldn’t have had any of the stuff to review!!

This is a sauce I consider to be a perfect “gap bridging” sauce, one that bridges the gap between the high end supermarket hot sauces, and the unique hot sauce market that can only be found here on the web and in certain high street shops in the uk (The Fiery Foods shop in Brighton marina and Volcano chilli in Lincoln to name a couple!) GET THEE NOW TO WWW.CHILESEEDS.CO.UK AND BUY A BOTTLE FOR A MERE £4!!! otherwise I will be forced to use my fabled “Sauce grip” and “Sauce lightning” on those who dare cross a dark lord of the pith!


Until next time my Fiery disciples, may the sauce be with you!!
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