Dartmoor Chilli Farm – Dark Chilli Chocolate

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When I am going to taste a high quality dark chocolate, the first thing I test is how well is snaps, this may seem odd, but over the years I have learned that the better the quality the chocolate, the sharper and crisper the sound it makes when when you break off a piece.

I then let the chocolate melt in my mouth, cheap chocolate tastes oily or greasy as it melts.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Dark Chilli Chocolate

Dartmoor Chilli Farm - Dark Chilli Chocolate

This chocolate passed all my tests, it was very crisp, with a nice shiny surface, it melted smoothly in the mouth with the lovely bitter/sweet flavour you only get from the best chocolate, followed by the warmth from the chillies. This is not a macho chocolate, where one piece is enough, this has a beautiful balance between the chocolate and the chilli neither overpowering the other.

The bars are made from chillies from the farm by Lessiters an independent family owned chocolatiers based in Woolmer Green, Hertfordshire.

You can order you own bar of this excellent chilli chocolate at www.dartmoorchillifarm.co.uk
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