Fire Foods Nitro Video Review

by Darth Naga on March 16, 2010 · 1 comment

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This is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot! haha, well its a mad Sunday evening and I have just eaten some really damn hot hotsauce and recorded it for you all to have a good laugh at!

Fire Foods Nitro

Fire Foods Nitro

The sauce I’m reviewing today comes from a relative newcomer to the UK hotsauce movement, but he’s a fast mover nonetheless and his sauces are highly recommended both by us here at the Chilefoundry and by his customers.. I am of course talking about “Woody” the owner and creator of “Fire Foods” a company that prides itself on flavour above heat but oddly enough manages to excel in both departments, read on and lets have a look at what delights he has!

Ingredients: fruit juice, carrots, vinegar, mustard, apricots, honey, chilli, chilli extract, salt, garlic, spices.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

So I have’nt done a video review in weeks, I haven’t reviewed a product in even longer, so I thought: “why not hit two birds with one stone!” and upon looking through my review bottles the answer was glaring right at me through malevolent, fiery eyes!

“Nitro” is “Firefoods” hottest sauce to date, its a sauce that does contain extract as you can see from the ingredients list but contains NO artificial anything, so its a very natural sauce and as such i had high hopes for this one!

The label on the bottle I received was nice a simple in design, the “Firefoods” logo was displayed in black and white, along with the title of the sauce and various danger symbols, letting you know that this product is one not to be f***ed with at any cost!! It is worth noting that earlier when I visited to find out a price for this sauce, the design of the bottle has changed dramatically and it looks the business as always!

I could go into lots of details about the sauce but to be honest i’ll let the video review do the talking for me 😉

So there you have it!! A wonderfully hot sauce that will weaken even the most hardened chilli fanatic, this a sauce that can be appreciated by anyone with a penchant for eating lava, it also has to be pointed out that the extract in the sauce isn’t something you notice unless you sniff it first, the bitterness usually associated with extract doesn’t present itself, but the searing “OMFG” heat that comes with the extract is VERY noticeable and as such this sauce comes as a surprise and WILL catch people unawares!

Its available right now from for the measly sum of £4 for a 150ml bottle of this trial by fire, so grab yaselves a bottle now!!

Until next time my fiery padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!
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