Domino’s Launches “Meltdown – The Revenge” Pizza

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I can just about remember in my youth going to a pub called the Royal Oak and trying to eat their 7 inch pizza called a Nuclear Holocaust, well at that time just ¼ of the pizza floored me and the other ¾ did the same to my mates, I was left sucking on ice cubes in a vain attempt to cool my mouth.

Well the UK chilli market has moved on a long way since then (over 20 years ago) and we now have a much larger range of chillies available, at that time I don’t remember them being anything but hot chillies.

This memory came back to me when I saw that Domino’s had launched a hot Pizza that they claim is their hottest Pizza yet, and I have to agree for a national chain of Pizza Restaurants this is a very hot Pizza, much hotter than their previous ones.

Domino's Meltdown - The Revenge

Domino's Meltdown - The Revenge

The Pizza has what you would expect from a national chain it starts with Sweet Chilli Peppers and Jalapenos, some mild American style mustard, and then the real heat comes from in the finely chopped Bird’s-Eye chillies which are a favourite of mine, as they are readily available in most supermarkets. On the Pizza is also some cheese and ground beef and meatballs as you would expect.

At first taste it is very nice and warm with even the mustard adding a nice addition to the flavour, then out from the melted cheese come the birds-eye chillies, being heated they are much more pungent, and the heat level is starting to get interesting , I now look down and find I have almost eaten a whole on, I am really enjoying this, the build up of heat is not extreme, and I can  enjoy the lingering heat without need to reach of the milk, but I better save the last couple of slices for the others.

This is one of the best Pizza I think I have ever had, without making it myself. I would recommend if you like Pizza order one of these and give it a try, we had a thin base and a normal base, the normal base was much hotter with a lot more chillies hidden in the cheese.

It could still be hotter, maybe next is Domino’s Meltdown – Habanero or even Domino’s Meltdown – Naga, or how about some hot sauce toppings, must be time for one of our UK suppliers to Talk to Robin Auld (Domino’s Sales and Marketing Director) about adding a little more heat as an optional topping for the real chilliheadz.

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