Quick and Simple Chicken and Mozzarella Quesadillas Recipe

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For this recipe you will need some Mexican Style seasoning like the one we made a while ago (see http://www.chilefoundry.co.uk/?p=5167) to give this the spicy warm flavour it needs.

All the ingredients for this are easy available from any UK supermarket (we used this recipe in our cooking course)

2 Fresh Chicken breasts
2-3 tsp Mexican Style Seasoning Mix (or similar commercial mix)
1 small mild Chilli (jalapeno), de seeded and finely diced
4 Spring onions, trimmed and finely chopped
200g Mozzarella, small cubes
8-10 fresh Sage leaves, finely chopped
8 soft flour Tortillas

We are going to made 4 Quesadillas, but these things are very simple to make and you can mess with the recipe, I have made then with Cheddar Cheese, Peppers, Choritzo etc etc, after you have made this version you will see what I mean, feel free to play with your food.

The first thing we need to do is slice the chicken breasts into thin strips and coat in the Mexican style seasoning, the fry gently in a frying pan till cooked.

Place a tortilla on clean surface and take about a quarter of each the ingredients and randomly sprinkle it over the tortilla, the cover with a another tortilla, then place into a large pre heated non stick frying pan and cook until the cheese has started to melt, about 2 minutes should do it..

To turn over the Quesadilla, place a plate over the top of the one in the pan, and turn hold down with you hand, then turn over the pan so that the Quesadilla is now on the plate, then return the pan to the heat and slide the Quesadilla back into the pan. and cook again for another 2 minutes.

Once cooked remove from the pan and cut in to quarters and enjoy. I sprinkle hot sauce on mine..
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