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BACK ONCE AGAIN LIKE THE RENEGADE MASTA!!!!…..*ahem* where was I?..oh yes! Its a lazy sunday afternoon and what better way to inject some much needed enthusiasm into my day than to do a cracking hotsauce review and give it my all!!

Borrowed Image

Borrowed Image

The sauce I am reviewing today comes from a man we all know and love, mr “Chillipepperpete”, based in brighton this guy has been producing quality hot sauces for years, he also tends to win alot of awards for his sauces too! he also helps his wife Miranda out with the FFUK festival now on three times a year!! Visit for more details!

Ingredients: onion, green bell pepper, coconut, peas, broccoli, spinach, apricot, herbs, garlic, lemon, spices, naga chilli, ginger, sugar, salt.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

“Naga Green Headhunter Sauce” as it is known is one of CPP’s range of “Headhunter” sauces which also include Red and Blue, they all seem to serve a different type of chillihead, with the red one being very sweet and hot, the blue one is as yet untested by the Chilefoundry but rest assured we do have a bottle ready! So today i’m reviewing the “Green” one, and i say that in speechmarks because its very green! Not a man to use artificial colouring it only takes one look at the ingredients list to see what CPP uses to colour this sauce, lots of green vegetables, and it really does the trick as you can see from the photograph!

The label is one of CPP’s newer labels with the new logo and design, which in my honest opinion is much more professional looking and really does the trick in this case, very colourful and a good use of greens and reds as contrasting colours!

The sauce itself is relatively smoothe in texture and smells very much like a thai curry, possibly due to the coconut in it, as Naga is quite a way down the list and with no extract to be seen i was to assume this one would’nt be that hot, was i right?? read on!!

I popped the cap and poured some of the sauce onto my tasting spoon, gave it a lil sniff then went about treating myself to a mouthful, swishing it reound i was immediately greeted with the flavour of coconut and oddly enough, peas!! it is one of the strangest flavour combinations i have come across but it works really well! and it tastes very much like a curry sauce, which after doing a bit of research it turns out this sauce contains all the ingredients for a nice goan curry base, it even says on the bottle “great green goan flavoured naga sauce” which obviously makes much more sense given the ingredients list and resulting flavour!!

The heat is more of an afternote with this sauce, thats not to say it is’nt hot but the heat in this sauce comes secondary to the extraordinary flavour given by the very diverse ingredients!!

You can buy this lovely sauce from for the low price of £3.50 for 125ml of one of the best curry base’s you can buy, seriously i think this would go awesome as a base for a nice, green prawn or fish curry. So if you’re into curry and naga then go ahead and grab a bottle of this to help your next curry dish go with a bang, trust me you’ll be glad you did!!

Till next time peeps, may the sauce be with you!!
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