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February 2010 was another great month here at the ChileFoundry, we have had over 100 sauces arrive in the past 6 weeks ready for review.. we will have to work hard to get them all reviewed (what a terrible Job).

Cambridge Chilli Farm – Tim Murphy contacted us a while ago to tell us about his new venture “Cambridge Chilli Farm” after the arrival of a little boy in September 2008, Tim who has previously run a small part time nursery dedicated to Hellebores, decided to go full time, but now growing Hellebores but chillies.

Burn 15% more calories with Chillies – A very interesting article in the January 16th issue of the The Times Weekend section was “Dish of the Day 20 great foods you aren’t eating”

The Chilli Jam Man - Oak Smoked Garlic & Chipotle Jam

The Chilli Jam Man - Oak Smoked Garlic & Chipotle Jam

The Chilli Jam Man – Oak Smoked Garlic & Chipotle Jam – Yorkshire has always seemed to me to be the home of home made Jams and pickles so when we where sent a range from “The Chilli Jam Man” to review, it was no surprise to find where they had come from. The first one to tickle my taste buds was the Oak Smoked Garlic & Chipotle Jam.

The Chilli Pepper Company – Dragon’s Breath Review – Its a Wednesday evening, i’ve just finished work only to get home and realise that i’ve been a little slack and must do a sauce review, then of course the difficulty comes in choosing what sauce to review, a quick look through past reviews and future bottles in front of me leads me to notice that I have’nt covered a sauce from the “Chilli Pepper Company” for a while, so here it is! Ged at the Chilli Pepper Company is mad northerner who delights in two things.

Nando’s Portuguese BBQ peri-peri marinade – It may have been best not to cook this sauce, but to add it to the food after cooking, so that it retains it flavour. The family generally liked the sauce direct from the bottle, with no negatives, just don’t cook with it.

Pickling Spice – A British Spice Mix – There are not many spice mixes we can claim as our own, but Pickling Spice seems as british as it gets.

The Black Naga – ChilliPepperPete has a come across what could be a new variety of Naga, the Black Naga, it has been found growing in a field in Nagaland (North Eastern India) amongst the normal Naga’s, the pods have been carefully collected and shipped to Pete.

St Austell Brewery Launches Chilli & Chocolate Ale – Named Cockleroaster and brewed with the help of the South Devon Chilli Farm, it is made with pale and roasted mail, dark chocolate and chillis, the chillies are added near the end of the brewing process.

Chipotle Style Chili Powder – What is Chili Powder – Chili Powder is a seasoning mix that comes from the USA, notr the spelling of Chili, you need to be careful when purchasing this in the UK as we have at least three spelling that can confuse, it is not Chilli Powder or Chile Powder, both of which we will cover in later articles.

Cambridge Chilli Farm Stall

Update – Cambridge Chilli Farm – We have had a large parcel arrive from Tim Murphy at the Cambridge Chilli farm, it contains a selection of there latest products, which we will be reviewing over the next few months.

Chilli Festival Waddesdon Plant Centre 2010 – This year the Waddesdon Chilli Festival is over the weekend of the 4th & 5th of September, They are limiting the number of stand to 25 to try to kept the quality as high as possible, Last year they had over 4000 visitors.

BBQ Sauces and Real BBQ – To most of us BBQ sauce is that sweet sticky stuff a kind of sugary tomato based sauce that we pour on burgers to give them a BBQ flavour.

iPhone and iPod Touch Chilli Application – South Devon Chile Farm have an iPod application that that lets you look at a database of Chilli varieties, with information about each just a tap away, you can also browse a list of recipes and information about the farm.



ChilliPepperWilf – DANGEROUS SAUCE FOR BOYS: NO1 THE SPITFIRE – No this is not a typo Wilf is Chilli Pepper Pete’s son and at the age of 9 has been responsible for creating a hot sauce target at the younger chilliheads.

Did you know! – Chilli facts and Info

Submitting Articles to the ChileFoundry FAQ! – Can I submit at article to the ChileFoundry

Simple Jalapeno Salsa – A very basic salsa, that is quick and simple. The Cumin and garlic are optional, feel freee to play with you food and add whatever herbs you like (or have to hand) most soft herbs will work fine, experiment, enjoy and eat while fresh.

Hot-Headz gets Re-Branded – A complete new look for Hot-Headz has just been launched

ChilliPepperPete Tastes Cambridge Chilli Farms Raspberry & Chilli Jelly – I was excited to find a new chilli company that I hadnt come across before called the Cambridge Chilli Farm and emailed for info on their very colourful range of jams, jellies and sauces. Tim Murphy is the owner and grower and I am assured that their range is produced in house using their own chillis. Tim very generously shipped a set of his products for us to have a mammoth tasting session. I make it 14 in his range which is a fair number for a new company.

Oxford University’s Develops Compact Scoville Measurement Device – Fancy a simple to use way of test ing sauces Scoville rating, well, Oxford University Richard Compton and his team have developed a small hand held device that uses Carbon nanotube-based elec tro chemical sensors to measure the scoville rating of a sauce.

New range from South Devon Chilli Farm

New range from South Devon Chilli Farm

New Range from South Devon Chilli Farm – Just arrived at the ChileFoundry HQ is a new range from South Devon Chilli Farm

Scott Roberts – Chilli Letter from America #3 – Not an abundance of news going on in these cold Winter months, just a lot of focus on the weather. The mid-Eastern United States had record-breaking blizzards, and at one point 49 out of the 50 States had measurable amounts of snow on the ground (with sunny, tropical Hawaii being the only holdout).

Warburtons to Launch Chilli Jack Snack in it’s new ChippidyDooDaa Range – Available from the 15 March Warburtons is to enter the snacks market with a new range called ChippidyDooDaa, the range is initially to be made up of three products:- Mature Cheese and Spring Onion, Chilli Jack, and Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar in 40g single serving packs.

Pringles Xtreme Range

Pringles Xtreme Range

Pringles Xtreme Flavours Reviewed – This must be one of my most disappointing reviews so far, there have not been many products that lack any redeeming features, especially from a company of the quality of Pringles, I find there normal range some of the best flavour on the market, we are happy to offer our help if they would like to improve them (In the past we have worked on developing our own crisp flavours)

Darth Naga Reviews Melinda’s Naga Jolokia Sauce – So here I have “Melinda’s Naga Jolokia Sauce” and what a fine looking sauce it is too, a lovely colourful label wrapped around the industry standard 148ml bottle, showing the head of a lady whom i can only assume is “Melinda” surrounded by chilli plants against a gorgeous background of burgundy and gold, the sauce inside being a deep red in colour with flecks of deeper red and accompanied by lots of seeds.

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites – February 2010 – A new #1 site this month as Scorcho has been toppled from the top by Chillis Galore, these two companies are very different, Scorchio is an Importer/Retailer of Sauce from the UK and around the world, while Chillis Galore is a regional grower and manufacturer the site could not differ much more, but they are both full of information that drags people to them.

Blair's Salsa De La Muerte

Blair's Salsa De La Muerte

Blair’s Salsa De La Muerte Review – As with my previous Blair reviews, this one needs no introduction apart from pointing out that this sauce is one of his famous “Death” sauces, but the name is slightly different!

South Devon Chilli Farm “15” Chilli Sauce – The sauce is a pale orange colour with the consistency of Tabasco sauce, but much less salty, it has a very pleasant sweet smell from the cider vinegar, but it is the taste is exceptional, it is not heat just for heat sake, in fact is is not a very hot sauce, but it has a well rounded warmth that is very hard to pin down in terms describing the flavour, but  enough to say the combination of chillis and cider and lemon juice it sublime.

Hawaii Hot Sauces in stock at Hot-Headz – Hot-Headz have now started stocking a range of Hot-Sauces from Arturo’s of Hawaii, they have named a sauce after each of the main islands.

BBC to film Fiery Foods Chilli Eating Contest – This years chilli eating contest at the Fiery Foods Festival will be film by the BBC for a programme they are making on pleasure and pain, so if you think you can take the hottest peppers keep at eye on the Fiery Foods web site to find out how to enter.
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