South Devon Chilli Farm “15” Chilli Sauce

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15 Chilli Sauce

15 Chilli Sauce

Our family of 8 went away for a short break a few weeks ago, and we took a number of Chilli products to test with us, a surprise product in our selection was a sauce from the South Devon Chilli Farm call simply “15“.

When I say unusual, this is because of late we have had a lot of single variety sauces arriving at ChileFoundry HQ, the great thing about Single Variety Sauces, like Single Malt whiskeys is that you can start to understand the flavour of that chilli (In whiskey terms, the area/distillery), so with a number sauces on offer to the family, why did they almost finish the whole bottle of “15” in the first few days?

Ingredients: Fresh Chillies (60%), Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Salt.

The sauce is a pale orange colour with the consistency of Tabasco sauce, but much less salty, it has a very pleasant sweet smell from the cider vinegar, but it is the taste is exceptional, it is not heat just for heat sake, in fact is is not a very hot sauce, but it has a well rounded warmth that is very hard to pin down in terms describing the flavour, but  enough to say the combination of chillies and cider and lemon juice it sublime.

We used it in/on almost everything, and now unfortunately the bottle is now almost empty, I had to save the last few drops for a final taste before writing this review. I do hope that South Devon Chilli Farm can recreate this sauce consistently (i.e. which 15 Chillies and what proportions) as I am sure this will be a winner.

You can order this and other sauces direct from the farm, or via there network of retailers for more information visit
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