ChilliPepperPete Tastes Cambridge Chilli Farms Raspberry & Chilli Jelly

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Raspberry and Chilli Jelly

Raspberry and Chilli Jelly

Owning a Fiery Foods shop has its benefits. We solicit and are sent sauces from all over the UK but our search is for the best of the best due to space and budget restrictions and we are very choosy and try not to duplicate too much.

We are generally impressed by the quality of sauces that many UK companies are producing. A far higher standard than many of the US sauces on the market.

We have been looking, due to high demand, for a range of jams and jellies with good flavour and heat. We stock the Chilliqueen range which have plenty of flavour but they do fall down on the heat front as they are all very mild.

I was excited to find a new chilli company that I hadnt come across before called the Cambridge Chilli Farm and emailed for info on their very colourful range of jams, jellies and sauces. Tim Murphy is the owner and grower and I am assured that their range is produced in house using their own chillis. Tim very generously shipped a set of his products for us to have a mammoth tasting session. I make it 14 in his range which is a fair number for a new company.

The first impression is of bright coloured labels and sauces. We tasted the whole range in one mammoth session and the first one we tried as it stood out from the rest due to its redness and jolly label was the Raspberry & Chilli Jelly.

On opening, the first impression was a waft of raspberries. Very promising! Not surprising the overwhelming flavour is of raspberries which I love. As its basically fruit and sugar the heat from the chilli is held back long enough to savour the raspberryness before the heat from the ring of fire chilli hit. Not the most flavoursome of chillis but it does balance well with raspberries. We all gave it full marks and it has a place in our range as soon as Tim can ship it to us.

Ingredients: Sugar, Raspberries, Water, Pectin, Ring of Fire Chillies.

Although we have eaten the contents straight from the jar I’m sure that this will be fantastic on toast for breakfast which is what most people want a sweet hot jam for but it will work very well with ice cream or nicely cooked pork or any other use you can possibly think of.

I have since polished off the jar full and have ordered 3 dozen more for the shop and my fridge! Tim appears to be a highly skilled jam/jelly/sauce maker and I look forward to testing the other 13 sauces in his range. Yum Yum!

Editors Note: ChilliPepperPete produces and sells Sauces via the Fiery Foods Shop in Brighton Marina.

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