BBQ Sauces and Real BBQ

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To most of us BBQ sauce is that sweet sticky stuff a kind of sugary tomato based sauce that we pour on burgers to give them a BBQ flavour.

But in parts of the US BBQ sauce is a unique experience, with distinct regional flavours.

Major varieties include

Kansas City Sweet Sauces – this is the most well know and nearest to popular the commercial sauces we see in the UK, it is a sweet tomato based sauce sweetened with molasses or brown sugar and finished with vinegar. They are not to be used for marinating as they do not penetrate the meat and burn easily during cooking, they are best used in the last few minutes of cooking when they can caramelise and thicken, adding that sticky sweet/tart coating.

Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Tennessee Whiskey BBQ Sauce

Tennessee Whiskey Sauces – In the supermarkets we are now seeing branded BBQ sauces from the US Tennessee Whiskey manufacturers, this has become a major variety of BBQ in the US where is has spread from the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Barbecue competition where they had a sauce category that has to include some Jack Daniel’s. Take a look today in Tesco’s to see how far this variety has spread.


Texas BBQ Sauce – big BBQ’s we must be in Texas, it must be years of Dallas on the TV and the scenes of the South Fork BBQ, but in the UK we don’t do real BBQ like they do in US, it is very rare to see anything but a BBQ grill for cooking over hot coals in the UK. Texas BBQ sauce is a used during the slow cooked BBQ typical 12-18 hours of cooking with the sauce used to moisten cool the meat during the cooking process. The sauces are thin based around Vinegar, chilles, black pepper, cumin, onions and a splash of tomato sauce, unlike Kansas sauces there are designed to penetrate the meat

Carolina – BBQ is just one thing, pork, and best of all its pulled port, which is slow cooked like the Texas BBQ, and then pulled (shredded) in the thin strips or shards and topped with BBQ sauce. Carolina has multiple districted type of sauce used during cooking, South Carolina is known for Mustard based sauces. In East Carolina they use much hotter sauces made with Chillies, Black Pepper and Vinegar while in Western Caroline they add Tomato sauce to it.

I hope later this year to be trying to make some real BBQ pulled pork in my offset BBQ smoker.
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