ChilliPepperPete Dragon Slayer Enhanced Review

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ChilliPepperPete Dragon Slayer Enhanced

Dragon Slayer Enhanced

There I sat in friendly company, spoon of death in my hand, Mrs Naga behind the camera and everyone around me watching with baited breath, waiting for me to indulge in my passion right before their very eyes..I am of course talking about my latest video review, and this one is of a sauce from the now Legendary “Chilli Pepper Pete”!

For those of you that don’t know of Pete, he’s a hippy, far-out sort of guy who has a passion for all things hot, he grows alot of peppers himself and as such all his sauces are his own, he does’nt import any sauce as he would rather sit at home and make it himself, and why not? His sauces are sold in many places besides his own website and they are also stocked alongside many other brands of hotsauce at the Fiery Foods shop in Brighton Marina!

Ingredients: Vinegar, Blueberry, Fresh Naga Bih Jolokia, Prunes, Crystalised Ginger, Cherries, Green Tabasco Chilli, Dugar, 6 mill  Shu & 12 mill Shu Extract, 15 Mill Chilli Crystal.

“Dragon Slayer” is a sauce that gives off a major “DOn’t f**k with me” vibe, from the dark dangerous looking sauce inside, to the big green dragon adorning the outside of the 60ml square glass bottle, it contains 3 different types of capsaicin extract at 3 different heat levels, so i intelligently expected this to be hot, but as with most of the sauces i try, i did’nt fully anticipate how hot.

I decided to do this video review round at my good friends Sean and Barbies house, his cousin David was also there, little did they know i was planning to do a review! I rocked up to the house and asked both Sean and David if they would do the review with me and they politely (and smartly) declined, but insisted that they get a live performance of me doing one of my reviews, so, not wanting to disappoint i set about getting things sorted for the review.

Now before you watch the video below, i must mention that both Sean and David tried the sauce before me and both commented how they did’nt think a TOOTHPICK of sauce was that hot and that i would have no problem with it, BUT! there is a massive difference between a toothpick of sauce and a frigging TEASPOON of the stuff..and as always i pretty much died! Please watch the vid below, and send your condolence cards to the chillefoundry! (why the hell do i do this????)

Okay, so there you have it! its a bloody hot sauce that is’nt as hot as i imagined it would be but its still off the scale! The thing i liked the most about it (besides the heat, which i honestly enjoy!) was the wonderful fruity naga flavour it had, in fact if Pete left the extract out and remarketed the sauce without it under a different name i reckon he’d be onto a winner!

The sauce itself is mainly available at and of course at the Fiery Foods shop in Brighton Marina ( details at ). On Petes own website the sauce is a mere £6 for 60ml, but as with all the extreme heat products, this is’nt a sauce you’ll be using up quick, a couple of drops at a time should suffice, but hey if you’re a nutter just splash it on everything!!

Right thats about enough from me, all i can say for now is to grab a bottle of this sauce, especially if you liked “Dragons Blood” as this sauce is designed to be the next level up so give it a whirl and let me know how you get on!
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