Kitchen Guru – spicy dal with coriander

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Kitchen Guru Spicy dal with coriander

Kitchen Guru Spicy dal with coriander

Kitchen Guru have some very innovative packaging, with small blister packs of herbs and spices retained in an instruction card. We cooked there spicy dal with coriander.

The package contains most of the dry ingredients you require for the recipe, leaving you to source just a few items, included in our pack was a bag with the three main pulses, which it this case was urad dal, moong dal and split peas. These needed washing, then soaking for 30 minutes and then cooking in salty water for 40 minutes, we did fine we needed to stir the mixture towards the end of cooking as it sticks to the pan.

To complete the recipe we need to find 2 handfuls of coriander leaves, 2 small green chilies, 2 cloves of garlic, some salt, cooking oil and water, all of which can be found in any major supermarket or in the tap?

After we had cooked the pulses and let them cool, we place then in a food processor and blended them to a smooth paste, finally adding the coriander leaves until it was also finely chopped.

Then in a large pan we heated some oil, opened the blister pack containing the cumin seeds and fried them for 10-20 seconds until they started to pop, we then added the deseeded and finely chopped green chiles and then crushed and added the garlic and fried that for another 20-30 seconds before add the dal mixture and stirred well, at this point we added a little more water and the mixture had become very thick.

We then opened and added the blister pack of turmeric and stirred then in and cooked for 5 minutes at a medium heat, then finally adding the garam masala and a small knob of butter, the butter makes the mixture take on a sliky texture.

We put this into a serving dish and sprinkled over the included red chilli flakes. after that we ripped up freshly baked crusty rolls dipping the pieces in the dal, it was excellent and very filling ( I have just a little left for lunch today).

Making a spicy dal is not a hard process and could be done easily without this pack, but having everything to hand in the correct proportions makes things very simple, I will certainly try some of the Kitchen Guru’s other products in the next few months, all of which can be purchased online at there web site or in a number of fine retailers listed on there site.

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