Angeli’s fresh, fiery, scotch bonnets steeped in spicy pickle

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A recipe for fresh, fiery, scotch bonnets captured and steeped in spicy pickle by Angeli from My Caribbean Food Blog.

Approx 40 scotch bonnets – assortment of colours and making sure that fruit is as fresh and as blemish free as possible.
600 ml (1 pt) pickling vinegar (distilled, or cider vinegar will also do)
150ml (1/4 pt) water
1 teas pickling salt
2 tablespoons pickling spice

You will also need:-

Sterilized jars with lids (I like to use the wide mouth ones with the attached snap down lids, they provide very good air tight suction).

Stainless steel cooking pot, and stainless steel spoon.


Sterilize the jars by pouring just-boiled hot water into very clean, grease free jars filling them to the top, making sure that the lids are also sterilized. I do this process a couple of times.

Put the vinegar, water, and the pickling spice into pot, place onto a medium high heat and bring to the boil, once boiled, add the salt and stir until totally absorbed.

Now leave to cool.

Slice the peppers and stack in the sterilized jars. Pour cooled liquid over the chillies making sure they are wholly immersed in the solution

Secure and leave in cool dark place for about a week before using.

If storing in fridge, then I recommend you put the pickle in the darkest place, usually the bottom shelf. I either put a clean tea cloth on the shelf above or wrap the jar in grease proof paper to keep it dark.

Well my fine friends, that’s it.

Love, Laughter & Food For All
Angeli XXX
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