Hot-Headz Nihil Timendum Est (fear nothing) Hotsauce Review

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Nihil Timendum Est (fear nothing) Hotsauce

Nihil Timendum Est (fear nothing) Hotsauce

Hello again chilefanz! Darth Naga here with another sauce review, this one comes from the good people over at Hot-Headz and is another of their own label sauces, as alot of you know is one of the finest importers of Hot sauce in the uk, but they also have their own sauces too, and this is one of those! Stu McAllister sent this one to me for the main reason being that he thought it would surprise me, and it did!! Check out the ingredients and then read on, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Sugar, Water, Piri-Piri Chillies, Spice, Vinegar, Salt, Garlic.

(Review bottle kindly supplied by

“Nihil Timendum Est (fear nothing) Hotsauce” is made form Piri-piri or Peri-peri as some call it, this is just another name for the african birdseye chilli’s that are small and red and kind of bullet shaped, they are reasonably hot and for this reason I expected this sauce to be quite spicy! The bottle is one of the same used across most of “Hot-Headz” own range and are very similar to the US starndard 148ml hotsauce bottles.

The label is an eyepleasing orange colour with a depiction of a samurai on the bottle and a little blurb which reads: –

“The ancient japanese warrior, the samurai was famous for his courage – he feared nothing. The katana (sword) was believed to be the soul of the samurai. Make no mistake…like a samurai sword, this sauce will cut right through to your very soul!”

Some slightly worrying words there considering this is a peri-peri sauce and they are’nt over the top hot, but anyway the sauce inside the bottle is a lovely orangey red and full of pulp and seeds, the consistency compliments it perfectly being a little chunky but generally very pourable, so easy to splash all over whatever food you desire!

I twisted off the top and took a little sniffand was surprised that it smelt garlicky and sweet, which are two flavours not known for complimenting each other but I certainly was’nt gonna let that cloud my judgement on this one, I have never been known to judge a book by its cover, or a sauce by its smell, the proof is in the tasting of course!!

I poured a nice helping onto my spoon and placed it between my lips, moving it around a little before trying to decipher the flavours within. Almost instantly the amazing flavours of garlic and peri-peri hit me hard, for those of you who have’n tried birdseye chilli’s they have the most amazing savoury flavour and go well with so many different foods and on this occasion the garlic just helpeed enhance the flavour even more, my tastebuds were dancing!

The heat was an interesting one, I did’nt expect it to be hot but it took me by surprise, the heat kick starts in the back of your throat and before you know it your lips and tongue are tingling!! This is by no means a very hot sauce, but its hotter than all supermarket brands and certainly hotter than even the hottest version of another famour Peri-peri based sauce! in fact for a combo of flavour and heat this one wins easily, I can see myself going through this one very VERY quickly as it has just the right balance of both aspects that you will find yourself putting it on everything you eat, I know I will!!

At £3.99 a bottle this is easily one you can afford to keep stock of, i’d say a bottle a month is what you’ll get through, more serious people may well do two! but for the amount you get and the feeling and taste this provides, its well worth the asking price, and where to buy this little beauty? of course!!

Until next time chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!!!
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