Nitro Naga Biohazard Edition Review

by Darth Naga on January 7, 2010 · 0 comments

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Nitro Naga Biohazard Edition

Happy new year my chile padawnz, i hope you all had an awesome time over the festive period and are now well rested and ready to enjoy another year with the Chilefoundry as i know i am!

The sauce i’m reviewing today comes from a guy known as the “Chillichutneyman” and after reviewing a few of his products here on the Chilefoundry i doubt he needs any introduction, suffice to say that other than selling his products at markets and suchlike near where he lives, a fair number of his products are exclusive to and this is one such sauce!

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Dried Naga Chillies (3g), Dried Red Chillies (5g), Herbs, Spices, Mustard Powder, Sugar (19g), Worcestershire Sauce, Malt Vinegar, Ginger, Salt (1.25g), Pepper, Scorchio Biohazard 6.4m Extract, Water.

As you can see from the ingredients list, i knew that “Nitro Naga Biohazard edition” was gonna be a major eye opener for myself and my friend Jody, yep thats right i managed to convince Jody to do another sauce review, and yet again his reaction is priceless but he was a little better prepared this time. I grabbed the sauce and as Mrs Naga started the camera rolling i gave a little explanation of the ingredients and who sells the product ( before going on to fill a teaspoon for Jody, and a tablespoon for me, i agreed to the tablespoon so as i could accurately feel what Jody was going through, seeing as my tastebuds are a little more hardened to the heat..the results of which are below!

Sooooo as the video shows, the sauce itself is very tasty and quite sweet, it tastes very much like the extreme version but with the heat kicked up to 11 so i can only deduce that seeing as the ingredients are the same and the flavour is the same but with more heat, this is a simple heat increase with the use of Scorchio’s own excellent “Biohazard 6.4m extract”.

What you have here is a hot sauce that comes in two versions (the extreme one we reviewed here so its perfect for those people who like it hot, or REALLY REALLY F*****G hot, both are available exclusively at @ £3.99 for the “Extreme” version(150ml) and £5.49 for the “Biohazard” version(100ml)…and trust me, if you like it HOT then buy the biohazard version, its well the extra cash!!

Until next time chilefanz i hope this year treats you well and i look forward to meeting you at the upcoming chilli festivals 2010 has to offer, so until then may the sauce be with you!!!
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