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A summary of articles from the Chilefoundry during December 2009, click the links to see the full stories.

Holy Cow - Goan Extra Hot Lime

The Holy Cow Food Company – Born in New Delhi Kiran moved to the UK in 1970 and ran a successful business with her Husband Sarvjit, in 1998 she began teaching cooking classes to adults at schools around Oxford. The students loved the sauces and they soon realised there was a gap in the market.

Problems with Assamese Naga Jolokia crop – We are getting reports that the Assamese Naga Jolokia crop has been very poor this year due to poor weather conditions, so we expect to see prices for the Naga rise until the next season.

ChillipepperPete’s – Hot and Spicy Vegetarian Somosas – This time ChillipepperPete has sent us a recipe for some Hot and Spicy Vegetarian Somosas.

Fiery Foods UK Brighton – April 3/4/5 2010 – The dates have been announced for the Easter weekend Fiery Foods Festival, The event will be in the Hove Gardens on the 3/4/5 April 2010.

Scott Roberts Interview with Dave Hirschkop of Dave’s Gourmet – This is recommended reading, Dave Hirschkop is the original king of hot sauces, his Dave’s Insanity Sauce is still one of the biggest selling super hot sauces, it is even stocked in ASDA.

West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2010 – 6/7/8 August – West Dean is the UK’s original Chilli Fiesta and has been running since 1995, this year it has been extended to 3 days.

The Lakes Chilli Fest – Levens Hall 14/15 August 2010 – This year is the 3rd yesr for the “The Lakes Chilli Fest” at Levens Hall is taking place between the 14th & 15th August.

Harvesting Chilli Seeds – You can harvest chilli seeds from your own plants, all you need to do is wait till the pods are ripe, then cut them open and scrape out the seeds, placing them to dry in a sunny spot, once dry, pack them away for use next year, seeds can last for appox. 4-5 years if stored in a cool dry place.

West Dean Chilli Fiesta 2010 Extended to 3 days. – The 2010 West Dean Chilli Fiesta dates have been announced and this year they have added and extra day, making this for the first time a 3 day event.

Holy Cow – Goan Extra Hot Lime – This is the first of the Holy Cow sauces we have reviewed, it comes in a 290g bottle, the colour is very green (See below to find out why) and the sauce is nice and thick with flecks of colour and seeds, on opening you get a beautiful fruity peppery smell.

Mexican Food – 71% UK Sales Growth – Did you know the Mexican food sales in the UK is worth a wopping £110 Million in the UK and has grown over 71% since 2001.

Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce

Jalapeno Death Sauce Review – Ahh Monday again and the start of a new week, Christmas coming and Darth is getting fat!! But enough of me and my shenanigans, I’m reviewing a sauce today from the godfather of the US hotsauce movement himself, Blair Lazar. Obvious Blair needs no introduction at all and to be honest neither does his company as its pretty well known among hot sauce aficionado’s and i have covered it before in my “Pure death” review, so on with the sauce!!

Gringley Gringo – Homemade in Nottinghamshire – Originally based in Gringley-On-The-Hill in Nottinghamshire, hence the name, the company was started in 2005 by Jodie as a part time business supplying chilli products to delicatessens, farm shops and restaurants in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

The Chilli Pepper Company - The Beast

The Chilli Pepper Company’s – The Beast Review – If you know CPC then you’ll know that the growing tred with their sauces is that they are pretty much all natural sauces with only a couple in their range containing extract, well this sauce falls under the “all natural” banner. “The Beast” as its known relies on the 13 Naga’s per bottle to give it the flavour and heat that it touts! The label is another of CPC’s beautifully crafted glassy ones with the name of the sauce, an extremely pissed off looking demon and “Extremely hot chilli sauce” emblazoned proudly across it, the bottle itself is the same as most of CPC’s range of sauces which is no bad thing as i swear Ged and co always put a little extra sauce into these bottles!

FireFoods - Reserve

Darth Naga Reviews – Firefoods Reserve – “Reserve” as it is simply called is one of Firefoods premier products and one Woody himself is extremely proud of and like most of the “Firefoods” range prides itself on being nice and hot but with a very nice amount of flavour to compliment the heat perfectly. The label is one thats a standard across the firefoods range, eye catching but simple at the same time! There’s the firefoods logo and website, the name of the sauce and a bit of blurb that simply says “Made with the hottest chilli in the world”. The proclamation alone indicates that this sauce is made with none other than the Naga Jolokia (my personal fave) which seems to be another growing trend among sauce producers today, but this is not a bad thing by any means, it simply means those with a passion for chilli can get even hotter natural products on the market than they could 3-4 years ago!

Chipotles in Adobo – Hot, Sweet and Smoky – This is a recipe from Derryck Strachan, we used to sell Chipotles in Adobo in tins mail orders, and you can still do with from either Hot-Heads or Scoricho, but they are very simple to make

Hot-Headz – Who Dares Burns 2nd Assault Video Review – Okay, so my review today started last week, a two part review, one part text, the other part video! The sauce WE reviewed comes from a well known supplier here in the UK known simply as “Hot-Headz”, Stuart McAllister sent me a bottle of his hottest product, and probably the hottest table sauce in the UK to date!

Extra HOT Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe – An extra hot sweet chilli sauce with Bird’s eye chillies are garlic

Our Top 10 Articles of 2009 – Here at the ChileFoundry we log each time an article is read, and we have been very surprised which articles are been the big hitters as far as visitors are concerned.

Frank’s RedHot Original – The original sauces used in Buffalo Wings Sauce – includes recipe..

Scott Roberts – Chilli Letter from America

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled and honoured to be able to bring you news and info from the U.S.A. This time of the year the major spicy foods and hot sauces shows over here are done and we set our sights on activities next year. We also plan for Christmas, where hot sauce manufacturers have many specials chilliheads are taking advantage of to get the goods they want at reduced prices.

Quick and Simple Enchilada Sauce – Got a few minutes to yourself in the kitchen before want to make something quick and simple that goes great with home made Turkey Enchilada.

Michael's Magic

Michael's Magic

Chilli Variety – Michael’s Magic – This variety was donated back in the mists of time by an officer (called Michael) in the army. He’d collected it from an exotic market place, don’t know where or when. It’s a glorious beast which ripens colourfully and early each season. So keep your eyes open when travelling abroad you might find a special chilli yourself.

Hot Headz & Scorchio Top 10 Products – December 2009 – Each month we look at the best selling products from some of the UK largest retailers, this gives us and you an idea of what is selling well (So what we need to review)

Interactive Scoville Heat Scale – This interactive guide to the Scoville Heat Scale was developed by Greg Bocquet, we have scaled it for display here. Greg is a Multimedia Reporter-Producer at FLYP

Something Stupid for Christmas Day – enjoy! – Can hot sauce save you from a freezing pool….

The Original W. Bruce Cameron Chili Judge Report – Recently I was honored to be selected as an Outstanding Famous Celebrity in my Community to be a judge at a chili cook-off because no one else wanted to do it. Also the original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge’s table asking directions to the beer wagon when the call came.

Top 10 UK Chilli Web Sites – December 2009 – No change in the number 1 site this month, but Scorchio has increased its lead, the ChileFoundry and Hot-Headz have gone below the 1Mil mark for the first time.

Satan’s Sweat – Naga Chilli Sauce – Satan’s Sweat is the new Naga Chilli Sauce from Hot-Headz

thechileman’s 2010 FAT Rocoto Challenge – Do you think you can grow a big chilli?

Chilli Variety -Trinidad Scorpion – This is a most interesting looking pods with it Scorpions’ sting like tail, they are part of the Species Chinense, I have not seen a confirmed Scoville rating yet for this chilli, but it is rumoured to be not far short of the Naga.

ChileFoundry Plans for 2010 – We are now over 8 months old as a UK on-line Magazine, we have had over 72,000+ pages served so far and have written over 300 articles for the site, We have pages on Facebook and over 100 followers on twitter and the now famous videos on youtube.
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