After a chat on twitter with @mrsinghssauce and a few other, the ChileFoundry would like to propose the idea of the “UK Chilli Week” where we try to get the UK tasting and trying chilli products that are available in the UK.

This could take many forms, but instead of one big event at a single location it would be spread around the UK. With so many UK business involved and with a big geographical spread we could probably cover the whole of the UK with small events and add up to one BIG week of promotion.

  • Chilli Farm open days – Taste products and Chilli varieties?
  • Product Tastings in Farm Shops & Supermarkets?
  • Local Chilli Eating Competitions
  • Any other ideas?

It may be that producers/importers that do not have a good location could get link-up with one of the farms and work together on a local event, the more people who know about what is available the better.

We would offer to work with each of you to promote the events and provide PR to local and national press (any PR agencies out there that would like work with us?)

The big questions are :-

  1. When could it be done?
  2. Who is interested in joining in?

Please email us at info@chilefoundry.co.uk if you have any recommendations or are interested in taking part.
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Greenhouse Sensation - Chilligrow

Greenhouse Sensation - Chilligrow

Upgrade your planter and get a bigger, better chilli harvest next season!

This clever 3 pot planter has been designed in consultation with chilli growing experts. Each of the pots holds 6 litres of compost, large enough for healthy root growth but small enough to encourage early fruit development, giving fruit time to ripen and giving the plant time to produce bigger chilli harvests. Chillies hate to be stood in water, but you don’t want to underwater either. The Chilligrow keeps chillies perfectly fed and watered at all times thanks to the SmartMats which pull water up from the planter’s 6 litre reservoir delivering water and nutrients to the plant roots when the chillies need it.

You don’t have to wait until next season to treat your chillies to the Chilligrow though, if you have chillies and you would like to overwinter simply lift the plants out of their current pot and place them in the Chilligrow pots.

We will be reviewing the system in the spring, and we would love the winner of this draw to tell us how well it works.

To win one of these fabulous chilli planters simply answer the following question:

This competition is now closed


  • Competition is open to UK residents only, and will only be shipped to a UK mainland address.
  • Competition closes on  30/12/10
  • Winner will be notified by email before 10/01/11

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ChilliPepperPete  Smokin' Pear & Chipotle Jam

ChilliPepperPete Smokin' Pear & Chipotle Jam

ChilliPepperPete is a growing concern, and their range and web site is expanding all the time, Pete has a wealth of recipes from his travels and a very creative mind when creating his own.

If you are expecting a set sweet breakfast style jam, this may not be for you, while this Jam spreads well it, if it was in a 5 oz bottle, I would be calling it a sauce!

On opening the smell is mainly from the Chipotles, which just in case you did not know are Jalapeños ripened until red and then dried and preserved by smoking, the taste also comes initially from the Chipotles with the Pears adding a sweet slighty sticky after-taste.

I love Chipotles and this Jam is very tasty, these is a slight coarseness to the texture with the odd piece of Chipotle flesh suspended in the mix, this coarseness brings to mind the feel of fresh pears on my tongue.

Ingredients: Pears, Bramley Apples, Chipotle, Sugar, Onions

I have used this in a cold Turkey sandwich and sweetness and flavour of the pears comes out perfectly, this is making a very good replacement for a pickle, but without lumps.

We have a few parties coming up and if this jar does not get eaten beforehand I will introduce a few more people to its delights.

For more information and to browse the range visit www.chillipepperpete.co.uk


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Felbrigg Hall Chilli Fiesta & Fete is one of East Anglia’s hottest events, enjoy all things Chilli, the best in regional food and produce as well as all the fun of a traditional fete.


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