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FireFoods - Reserve

FireFoods - Reserve

Ahhh another day another hotsauce review from yours truly, i hope you’re all having a good time and enjoying reading all the reviews myself and Hot Jaun have been doing lately 🙂

The sauce i have today comes from a guy I know quite well, who has only been on the UK hotsauce scene for about 3 years but in that time he has risen up through the ranks very quickly and become known as one of the finest purveyors of quality chilli products (his chilli choc drops are to DIE for!) I am of course talking about Woody, the founder of “Fire Foods” and creator of the “Infinity chilli” (check out www.firefoods.co.uk for more info!) but without any more messing lets crack on with the review!

Ingredients: Fruit Juice, Carrot, Vinegar, Black Treacle, Apricots, Chilli, Mustard (Water, Mustard Seed, Spirit Vinegar, Salt)

(Sample kindly supplied by www.firefoods.co.uk)

“Reserve” as it is simply called is one of Firefoods premier products and one Woody himself is extremely proud of and like most of the “Firefoods” range prides itself on being nice and hot but with a very nice amount of flavour to compliment the heat perfectly. The label is one thats a standard across the firefoods range, eye catching but simple at the same time! There’s the firefoods logo and website, the name of the sauce and a bit of blurb that simply says “Made with the hottest chilli in the world”. The proclamation alone indicates that this sauce is made with none other than the Naga Jolokia (my personal fave) which seems to be another growing trend among sauce producers today, but this is not a bad thing by any means, it simply means those with a passion for chilli can get even hotter natural products on the market than they could 3-4 years ago!

The sauce inside is a beautiful dark brown caramel colour with black and white flecks in it, the brown colour no doubt attributed to the “Black treacle” present in the sauce, which leads me to believe that the treacle along with the fruit juice in this sauce will make it another sweet one for me! I took the cap off the 150ml bottle and held it up to my nostrils to take in the aroma of the sauce i was about to consume and almost immediately my nose was filled with the scent of what i can only describe as Naga’s blended with treacle, an interesting smell and one that i believed would taste pretty good as i lifted the bottle and took a heady gulp of the stuff.

Swirling it round my mouth it was soon apparent there was an abundance of different flavours present, a sort of fruity, treacley, Naga flavour within which there was no bitterness to be found…then the heat hit me, and it hit me HARD!! i got a flash of searing heat across my lips and tongue with rapidly spread to the back of my throat and made me very aware of its presence!

The Naga flavour and heat was complimented quite well by the sweetness of the treacle, and again another product surprises me in a good way by the use of its interesting and sweet ingredients! I took a total of three swigs of this stuff before i had to stop as my hiccups were consuming me, i wish i could have had more as there was something about the consistency that kept me going back, it has alot of seeds in it but they have been blended down along with the flesh of the chilli to produce a very interesting texture that has to be experienced to be fully understood!

Woody and “Firefoods” have yet again proven themselves in the field of hotsauce that is dominated by the likes of “The Chilli Pepper Company”, “Hot-Headz”, “Scorchio” and “ChilliPepperPete” and shown that they too can compete hard in a market where they are relative newcomers!
“Reserve” is available exclusively from www.firefoods.co.uk and has a PPP (pocket pleasing price) of £3.50 for a 150ml bottle, which is only about a quid more than some supermarket hotsauces and yet “Reserve” has more flavour and heat than most of them!! Go out an get a bottle today, i promise you won’t regret it!!

May the sauce be with you chilefanz..always!
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