Christmas Presents for Chilli-headz #3

by Hot Juan on December 12, 2009 · 0 comments

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I always like getting a Christmas hamper, but how about one that is designed for the Chilli-Head.

The Chilli Pepper Company- Heat Lovers Luxury Present

The Chilli Pepper Company- Heat Lovers Luxury Present


Pure Pain Paste: A paste made from flakes of dried Bhut Jolokia (officially the hottest chilli in the world). Wonderful for cooking (use sparingly!), it imparts the fantastic Bhut Jolokia taste as well as amazing heat. Used in tiny amounts it transforms tomato sauces, soups, curries and chilli con carne. Used more lavishly, it will simply blow you away!

Bhut Jolokia pods: Dried pods of the amazing Bhut Jolokia. Can be used whole and removed form the dish when the required heat is obtained or broken into fragments and either removed or left in the dish. Essential for authentic fiery hot curries, but can also be used with care to add a fantastic edge to milder food. Handle with care.

Bhut Jolokia flakes: (Can be used as a condiment or in cooking. As a condiment, we recommend their use in a pepper grinder which can then be used to add a depth of flavour heat to almost anything from a tomato sandwich to a sophisticated curry dish. Fantastically useful, where you want to create be-spoke heat levels.)

Hot chilli sauce: A bottle of one of their famous hot sauces

2 X Bhut Jolokia cashew nuts: They are completely addictive, spiced with Bhut Jolokia powder, they are amazingly hot and wonderfully tasty.

Naga salt shaker: Salt infused with Naga powder, really fragrant and tasty and unless used in excess not overwhelmingly hot. Try this on chips or sauté potatoes or on tomatoes and you will never want to use anything else.

All this in the presentation box is just £22+Delivery see

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