The Chilli Pepper Company’s – The Beast Review

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The Chilli Pepper Company - The Beast

The Chilli Pepper Company - The Beast

Hello again chilefanz!! Darth Naga comin atcha like cleopatra, once again! Its starting to get really bloody cold i’ve noticed, seeing as its winter and all this is the BEST time of year to start getting into hot sauces and other chilli related products, and if you’re interested in breaking into the “Very fookin hot” category of chilli sauces, then you should look at the sauce I have today. This sauce comes from our old friends at the “Chilli Pepper Company” (henceforth known as CPC) a group of people who over the time of reading the blog here at the ChileFoundry you’ll have come to love them as much as I do, and if not then where the heck have you been?!?

Ingredients: 13 fresh Naga Morich per bottle, Carrot, Mangos, Vinegar, Sugar, Herbs, spices

(Sauce generously supplied by

If you know CPC then you’ll know that the growing tred with their sauces is that they are pretty much all natural sauces with only a couple in their range containing extract, well this sauce falls under the “all natural” banner. “The Beast” as its known relies on the 13 Naga’s per bottle to give it the flavour and heat that it touts! The label is another of CPC’s beautifully crafted glassy ones with the name of the sauce, an extremely pissed off looking demon and “Extremely Hot Chilli Sauce” emblazoned proudly across it, the bottle itself is the same as most of CPC’s range of sauces which is no bad thing as I swear Ged and co always put a little extra sauce into these bottles!

The sauce itself is a sort of burnt orange in colour, with flacks of red white and black suspended throughout and the texture is nice and chunky but easily pourable, in fact the look of it alone scares me alittle as i know its ALL about the Naga in that bottle, and while the Naga is indeed my favourite pepper its also blisteringly hot and causes me great pain LOL!

I undid the bottles cap and held it to my nose, allowing my olfactory senses a chance to decipher the ingredients *sniiiiiiiffff*….Naga. Thats it, seriously! I can just smell pure naga coming from this bottle and yet i threw caution into the wind and decided to swig straight from the bottle (mainly as i did’nt have my tasting spoon to hand!) and WOW what a interesting turn of events that was!!

Like a sweet chilli sauce made for psycho’s the flavour of the mango pushed forward through the Naga’s and hit my tongue first, such an amazing a pure flaour of sweet fruit, then came the savoury hit of Naga which was closely followed by a heat that made my tongue and lips burn very rapidly and then subsided a little and left me with a gentle tingling warmth that made me take another swig!!

This sauce is something different for me, I was’nt expectng the sweetness to be there and i’m definitely no fan of sweet chilli sauces at all, but I have to say between CPC and Mr VikkiIi am starting to understand why sweet chilli sauces are so popular, “The Beast” is a name that conjures up images of stupidly hot sauce in my head but thats totally not the case, this sauce is hot don’t get me wrong but its also sweet and they balance each other out perfectly to make a unique sauce that has to be tasted to be believed!

“The Beast” is available exclusively from for a measly £6.50 along with the entire range of sauces they do and a huge variety of chilli seeds and chilli related products, so get yaselves over there pronto and tell Ged i sent ya!!

Until next time my chilli padawanz, may the sauce be with you!!
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