Jalapeno Death Sauce Review

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Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce

Blair's Jalapeno Death Sauce

Ahh Monday again and the start of a new week, Christmas coming and Darth is getting fat!! But enough of me and my shenanigans, I’m reviewing a sauce today from the godfather of the US hotsauce movement himself, Blair Lazar. Obvious Blair needs no introduction at all and to be honest neither does his company as its pretty well known among hot sauce aficionado’s and i have covered it before in my “Pure death” review, so on with the sauce!!

Ingredients: fresh Jalapeno chillies, Vinegar, Tomatillo’s, fresh Garlic, Key Lime juice, Shallots, Olive oil, Sea Salt, Cilantro, Cane Sugar, Onions, Tequila, Spices, Xanthan gum.

(Thanks to stuart from www.hot-headz.com for this sample)

As you can see from the ingredients and the name of the sauce “Jalapeno Death Sauce” is all about our lil green friend the “Jalapeno” pepper, the lable adorning the US hotsauce standard bottle is a beautiful bright green with a flaming skull and blairs new branding down the side, as with all of blairs “Death Sauce” range, there is a famous dangling skull keychain with the bottle (i have a collection of these now lol!).

The sauce inside is a light green in colour with seeds and flesh suspended within, upon opening the bottle and taking a whiff i can smell Garlic and Vinegar with a hint of Jalapeno, any sauce that uses garlic well is a plus in my book and so i was quite excited to taste this one. Adopting my usual approach as with all the “mild” sauces, i lifted the bottle to my lips and took a swig of the sauce, moving it about in my mouth for a few seconds to spread the flavour and heat.

The immediately apparent flavour is Garlic, closely followed by Lime and Jalapeno, in fact the Garlic is so present that perhaps Blair should consider renaming this “Jalapeno and Garlic Death Sauce”!! Thats by no means a bad thing as the flavour is amazing and beats the pants off most of the Jalapeno sauces i have tried so far, this also happens to be the hottest Jalapeno sauce i have ever tried, setting off the burn on my lips and in the front of my mouth and while not kicking me in the throat it certainly made itself known!

“Jalapeno Death Sauce” is available from www.hot-headz.com where it is a paltry £4.99 a bottle, and for the heat that it gives off coupled with the lime and tequila flavour its totally worth it! A good alternative for those of you not so fond of garlic and tequila but who still want a good Jalapeno sauce, you’d be wise to pick up a bottle of Hot-Headz own Jalapeno sauce at a mere £3.99 a bottle, the “Fiery Foods” shop in Brighton Marina is a good place to pick up some jalapeno sauce also if you live down that way!

Until next time chilefanz, don’t forget to get your loved ones something hot and spicy this christmas and tell em Darth Naga made ya do it!!
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