Mr Vikki Hot Coriander Sauce Review

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Mr Vikki's Hot Coriander Sauce

Mr Vikki's Hot Coriander Sauce

Ahh i’ve just had a long weekend off and now its tuesday and back to work, the sauce i’m reviewing today comes from a new favourite sauce maker here at the Chilefoundry, a little northern chap by the name of Adam Marks, I am of course talking about “Mr Vikki” and the amazing sauces, chutneys and pickles he produces.

Before I go off on one about how good “Mr Vikki” products truly are and how I firmly believe that no home made curry should be without at least one of “Mr Vikki’s” products to accompany it on its journey to your mouth, lets begin the review!!

Ingredients: Red habanero chillies, vinegar, sugar, garlic, spices, fresh coriander, celery, salt.

As with all the “Mr Vikki’s” range, this “Hot Coriander Sauce” has a rather modest label and does’nt go overbaord on the design front, a simple yellow label with the company name, a couple of chilli’s and the title of the sauce in black adorns this bottle, which itself reminds me very much of a larger version of the bottle that “Encona” branded sauce comes in, a sort of square bottle if you will, but tall…so more rectangular really lol!

Its worth mentioning that this sauce has a sticker on it proudly showing off the gold award it received at the “Great taste awards ’08” which I think is a pretty good acclaim to have earned.

Upon opening the bottle and taking my usual nose dive (get it?) I can tell straight away that this is going to be different from other sweet chilli sauces, the main aroma that hits me is garlic, assisted ably by the coriander and chilli’s it has an almost curryish smell to it, and because of this I am eager to tuck in!

While pouring the sauce out onto my spoon I notice the consistency is very chunky, but not big unwieldy chunks at all, these are perfectly small chunks of Garlic, chilli seeds and coriander suspended in a beautiful thick reddy orange sauce, I placed my spoon into my mouth and gave it the once over! Almost immediately I am hit by a wave of flavours that come thick and fast, garlic, coriander, chilli and somethign I was very surprised to find..ANISEED!! I was gobsmacked to find aniseed used in a sauce as i’ve never experienced it like this before!

The heat wasn’t as hot as i’d hoped, but in a sense thats a good thing as it makes this sauce more accessible to those of you who’s palates are more suited to the milder sauces, there is a gentle burn there but it is very gentle indeed, and i’m sure thats probably exactly what Adam was aiming for when he mades this sauce, a nice, sweet chilli and garlic sauce with a little eastern flavour to it that easily outdoes the likes of “Linghams” in the flavour department.

This is a sauce that I don’t think my family could be without as they really enjoyed it, it replaced my mothers usual sweet chilli sauce and has a place in our cupboard now, and at only £2.95 from you’d be a fool not to have this one on your dinner table!

Until next we meet chilefanz, use the sauce!!
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