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Sometimes I get a sauce from a company that I have reviewed before, if my experience with the previous taster was a good one then obviously I look forward to the next product to land on my desk, with todays sauce review, I have a product (and several more to come!) from a company who I have tasted before, and not been impressed with at all, BUT I am a fair man, and in this case I chose to give this particular company a second chance and review the sauce I had with an open mind.

The sauce comes from “Cajohns Gourmet” and as you might remember I reviewed their “Vicious viper” back in june and was’nt impressed mainly because the product had ALOT of heat but a not so nice flavour to it, so due to this I am a little apprehensive of this current sauce, but nonetheless lets continue!

Ingredients: Fatalli chiles, red savina habaneros, orange habaneros, onion, vinegar, mustard (vinegar, water #1 grade mustard seed, salt, turmeric,paprika, spices), Garlic, spices.

“Scorch” comes in a US industry standard 148ml bottle, common of most of the sauces from “Daves gourmet”, “Blairs”, “Mad dog” and of course “Cajohns” themselves, the label on the bottle is one of the most attractive, eye pleasing and tempting designs I have seen on a sauce thus far, the title of the sauce is boldly emblazoned on the bottle in a brassy colour over the Cajohn logo in a deep red against a background of flames and inky blackness, 10/10 for label design!

The label has a little bit of blurb on the back from Nick Panico of who proclaimed this sauce to be “the hottest all natural pepper sauce ever produced”, this comes from the fact that this sauce has absolutely no extract in it whatsoever, as you can see by the ingredients list this is very true, but in this respect i am more interested in flavour than heat, moreso because this sauce has a much better look to it than “Vicious viper”, its a lovely light browny red colour, with plenty of flecks of white, black and red suspended in it and the consistency is pourable and a little chunky, probably due to the chunks of pepper flesh and seeds throughout, now for the real test!!

I poured some of the sauce out onto my tasting spoon and held it under my nose for a minute to take in the scent of this sauce, immediately the smell of roasted hot peppers and garlic hit me like a train, the gralic especially was a welcome smell so with that i popped it into my mouth, holding on my tongue and then moving it round as per usual to get a better idea of flavour and heat.

The flavour of habanero’s was immediately noticable, this flavour blended extremely well with the garlic and vinegar that was also noticeable, in fact the only real gripe I have about the flavour of the sauce is the slight bitterness that comes from the fatalli chillies (having tasted fatalli’s before I can confirm this), the heat on the other hand was something else! This is’nt the hottest all natural sauce (that crown at the moment belongs to Hot-Headz “Satans Sweat” in my eyes) but it is surprisingly hot, in fact I would say this is hotter than some extract sauces I have tasted in the past, the burn is immediate and long lasting, mostly noticeable on the lips and tip of the tongue, it caused both hiccups and sweating and certainly made me reach for my trusty milk a couple of times!

This sauce is currently available from and is priced at a very reasonable £4.99 and I must say,judging from the heat, flavour and texture of this sauce I reckon it could be used in just about anything that needs a nice kick up the arse of natural heat without the metallic flavour of extract, similar all natural very hot sauces that I know of are “Red Headhunter” from, “Satans sweat” from and “Manda african chilli sauce” available online from or from your local ASDA.

I hope anyone who buys “Scorch” will be happy with it as its definitely done Cajohns a justice and they have redeemed themselves in my eyes! Hope you enjoyed the review chilefanz, until next we meet, may the sauce be with you!!
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