The Chilli Pepper Company – Witches Brew Review

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Witches Brew

Witches Brew

Right chile fanz, its been a while since I wrote a review but thats not to say i’m rusty, ohhhhh no! I’m still in fine reviewing form and have been munching all manner of chilli related just to make sure my taste buds stay ruined! Even if my taste buds were completely shot to bits I would still be able to taste the sauce I am reviewing today, it comes all the way from cumbria, from our good friend Gerald Fowler of “The Chilli Pepper Company” (who from here on in i shall refer to as “CPC” for ease of reading :p ).without further ado lets get on with it!!

Ingredients: Scotch bonnet chilli 25%, vinegar, salt, cinnamon, spice, garlic.

I would have to start off by saying that “Witches Brew” is classified as hot, simply because in my eyes it is hotter than most of the so called “hot” supermarket sauces out there today, its in a similar vein to “8 Ball” that i reviewed a while back in that its a perfect sauce to break unto the underground chilli culture with, due to its mid range heat level.

The bottle itself is typical of the CPC range and comes with a high gloss label on the front, complete with title and a strange grey looking witch stirring a cauldron! I do enjoy seeing Ged’s new labels when they come out as they are always fun to see, the sauce inside this bottle is a lovely red colour with flecks of black, bits of pepper flesh and the occasional seed floating about in the liquid!

“Witches Brew” is’nt a thick sauce, its more of a pouring sauce that would be good poured into stews and curries as its very easy to stir in and becomes dispersed very quickly, allowing for a nice even flavour throughout whatever you are cooking it in, you could also hold your thumb over the top of the bottle allowing for a tiny gap and liberally sprinkle this one over salad or chips and many other things, just make sure to wash ya hands afterwards!!

Upon openeing the bottle the smell of scotch bonnets entered my olfactory senses and gave them a little kick along with the vinegar, I could’nt detect the cinnamon or garlic in the smell from the sauce, but as we all know, the real experience comes from the taste, so not expecting this to be too hot for me i simply lifted the bottle to my lips and took a hearty mouthful!

The flavour of the peppers hit me first, a beautiful fruity and savoury flavour all at once, then the cinnamon came and after swishing it round and swallowing, there was a very pleasant garlicky aftertaste, the heat was very unexpected, my hiccups started about 30 seconds after the first mouthful, and only got worse after the second.

The heat from this is one that definitely hits good and hard, making the tongue throb a little and keeping the mouth warm, not a heat that stays for very long so obviously you have to eat more of it 😉 It has a flavour that reminded me of “Tabasco” but there was something else, in fact if “Tabasco” and “Encona Carribean Original” made love, i think that “Witches Brew” would be the offspring, in such a way that it brings the flavours of both those sauces together in one amazingly flavoured hot sauce.

“Witches Brew” is available exclusively from and is priced as a measly £4.50 for a nice sized 140ml bottle, I think at this time of year its a perfect winter warmer and would make and excellent present for someone who likes hot sauce but has never bought a “proper” one before! I would definitely buy a bottle of this, and depending on what you use it in i think you’ll probably be coming back for more as you might go through it a little quicker than you realise!

Until next time my chile padawanz, may the sauce be with you, always!
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