Eswatini Swazi Kitchen – Kumquat Atchar

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Fiery Foods UK National Chilli awards winner – “Best Import Product

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen - kumquat Atchar

Eswatini Swazi Kitchen - kumquat Atchar

Its a monday night, work is all done for another day and i’m doing my best to relax..and what better way to relax than with a nice review of something hot and spicy, best thing for these cold nights if you ask me!

The product I am reviewing today comes from a company known as “Just trading Scotland” who sell fair trade products here in the uk on behalf of people from Africa, asia and latin america, one of the groups that they represent is known as “Eswatini Swazi Kitchen” and its that particular group that have made the product I am reviewing today.

Eswatini was set up in 1991 by a catholic priest , Father Larry McDonnell and an Anglican Nun Sister Judith Dean O.B.E. to create jobs in Swaziland for certain communities and to generate funds for “Manzini Youth Care” a non-government organization caring for children affected by HIV and AIDS. Eswatini has grown considerably over the years and currently exports its quality products to 14 different international destinations including the US and UK.

It is also worth noting that the product i have here has also won a National Chilli award at the Fiery Foods UK festival, it won first place in the “Best import product” category!

Ingredients: Kumquat fruit (65%), Sunflower oil, Vinegar, Spices, Chillies, Salt and Garlic.

Okay, as you can see from the list of ingredients this is a very simple and straightforward product, there is no preservatives or additives so its 100% natural, the jar itself is a simple one with a white lid and the label is a beige sort of colour, with red and green writing on that stands out quite well, giving the product a very unique and homemade look as opposed to the usual mas market uber colourful approach!

The pickle (?) inside has a gorgeous orange hue to it, with flecks of red and brown throughout, sunflower oil being high on the list of ingredients my first thoughts were that this would be a little greasy, you have to imagine that its been a couple of months since the FFUK festival so i could’nt remember how this tasted, all i knew was that it won an award for good reason and I was about to relive that reason!

I twisted off the lid and held it up to my nose, allowing my olfactory senses to do the driving for a brief moment, a very fruity and uplifting smell entered my nostrils, not dissimilar to lime pickle but with something different in there..obviously this being a review i decided to allow my tastebuds to get their own opinion on this intriguing paste. I dipped in my tasting spoon and took out a nice heaped amount, placing it between my lips I let it sit on my tongue before moving it around inside my mouth to be able to fully appreciate and perhaps decipher the ingredients.

A wonderful fruity, spicy flavour was making its way around my senses, the kumquat was immediately obvious as was the chilli, I was pleasently surprised by the non-greasy texture of the product too, the kumquat created an altogether different sensation to anything else I had tasted and I certainly would’nt have ever thought that kumquats and chillies go together so well. The heat was mild but warming and complimented the fruity zing of the main ingredient, the garlic was more of a savoury afterthought but one that worked well as a parting gift to your mouth!

Just Trading Scotland

Just Trading Scotland

I remembered fondly then how we came about giving this particular pickle the award, I smiled and had another spoonful while I tried to find a price for this item, ALAS!! i could not find one at fact the only way I could find an indication of where to purchase this product was to head over to and look down the list their, they also have the retailers on a handy map of britain, so i’m sure you’re bound to find someone near to you that sells the “Eswatini” range!

This sort of thing would go well with white meat i feel, things like pork and chicken would take full advantage of the flavours on offer, as would most vegetables tbh..and I think it would go VERY well with my personal favourite, CHEESE!!

Get thee to your nearest purveyour of fair trade products as listed on their site and grab a jar of this before they sell out, as i can guarentee with this sort of flavour, as soon as people start to notice it, it will sell fast!! Until next time chileheadz, may the sauce be with you!!!
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avatar southbrae November 4, 2009 at 10:46 am

Quite a lot of good chilli stuff in this range – well worth checking out! I discovered that if you go to the JTS website you can click on a link on the ‘Our Products’ page and browse the catalogue which shows retail prices. £2.75 is the price for most of the Eswatini range it seems. Salivating review, Darth.


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