November 2009

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Each month we look at the best selling products from some of the UK largest retailers, this gives us and you an idea of what is selling well (So what we need to review)

Dave’s Insanity Sauce
Blair’s Death Rain Habanero Crisps
Blair’s Death Rain Potato Chips – 3 Bags
Mr Wasabi Peanuts 115g
Pure Naga Bhut Jolokia Paste
Dried Naga Jolokia Chillies (125g)
Hot-Headz! Bhut Jolokia Naga Chilli Sauce
Dave’s Gourmet Insanity Sauce
Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce
Flying Goose Brand Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce
Who Dares Burns! Hot Pepper Sauce
Dried Chipotle Chillies (50g)
Dave’s Insanity “Ghost Pepper” Sauce
Dave’s Gourmet Burning Nuts
Satan’s Sweat Naga Chilli Sauce
Pleasure & Pain Organic Dark Naga Jolokia Chilli Chocolate
Chilli Pepper Key-ring
100% Pain Hot Sauce
Mr. Wasabi Peanuts
Dave’s Gourmet Ultimate Insanity Sauce

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TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce

TABASCO® brand Habanero Sauce

Its that time again my fellow chile lovers!!! Darth Naga here writing another review for one of the things in life i’m very passionate about…HOT SAUCE!!!

This review may be a little longer than my others as i am reviewing a sauce made by the hot sauce legends “McIlhenny” famous for the “Tabasco®” brand and hot sauce range. The reason i have so much respect for the Tabasco® name is simply because this is where i started, its how i got into hot sauces in the first place, thanks to the McIlhenny family of Avery island in Louisiana i have a deep appreciation and respect for the chile pepper and its many uses (my favourite being hot sauce of course!!) and i thank them for that, without them i would not be the man i am today..and i would still have some tastebuds that work properly hehe!!

The McIlhenny company was formed as a small family company by Edmund McIlhenny in Louisiana wayyyyy back in 1860’s, it all started with a single pepper sauce that become world famous over the next 10 or 15 years, it was made using an old method of aging a pepper mash in white oak barrels sealed with salt for 30 days before adding distilled white vinegar to it and then straining the mash out to leave just the sauce, 140 years later and its all made the same way, in fact the only thing thats changed is the aging time which appears to have increased to 3 years!!

Vinegar, habanero pepper, cane sugar, TABASCO® pepper sauce (vinegar, red pepper, salt), salt, mango puree, dehydrated onion, banana puree, tomato paste, tamarind puree, papaya puree, spices, garlic, TABASCO® pepper mash (pepper, salt)

But anyway, onto the sauce i’m talking about and today its the “Habanero” veriant of the “Tabasco®” range of sauces, this is a sauce that comes in a little 60ml bottle with a striking yellow/orange/red label which compliments the rich orangey red black speckled sauce inside and i personally carry one around with me for whenever i need to add a bit of spice to my food, that and carrying round a big 140ml bottle is simply not easy lol! The aroma from the bottle is one more of fresh fruits, namely mango as opposed to habanero, the smell is deceiving though and you’ll realise that the moment you try this one, the McIlhenny’s mean business with this sauce and the lovely fruity taste coupled with the warmth of the habanero pepper make this an irresistible addition to anyones hot sauce cabinet.

This is a sauce that you can find anywhere nowadays, its in pretty much all the big name supermarkets so theres no real reason to shop around online for it, its about £2 from most of them maybe a bit more in the higher end supermarkets, i would’nt say its fantastic value for money as it does come in such a small bottle, but that sauce does go quite far if you use it sparingly…however if like me you use it on alot of things then you’ll find yourself going through it pretty quickly.

It has a similar flavour to the papaya encona sauce, which is probably down to the fruit aspect rather than the pepper but i find this just a little warmer and it brings me out in a bit of a sweat and induces my now famous chile hiccups (hiccups i get when i try something thats a little too hot!) much to the amusement of Mrs Naga and my other family members!

This is a sauce that i would recommend everyone buy and try at least once, the standard Tabasco® sauce is a great starter sauce and this just about takes it to the next level, i keep a bottle with me at all times due to it size and theres no reason why you should’nt either!!

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Todmorden School held a seven-a-side chilli eating contest, seven members of staff and seven six formers muched chilles to see who could eat the most. The Final winner was teacher Mike Smith who ate 11 chillies.

This formed the final part of the schools Children In Need week and help them raised £1,150 charity.

For the full story visit Todmorden News


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