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Ahhh…monday night, the clocks have gone back, the days are getting darker and it definitely getting what better way to warm up than with something hot and spicy! (no, not me!!)

Deadly Hot Chilli Cashew Nuts

Deadly Hot Chilli Cashew Nuts

At the Brighton FFUK I had the pleasure of acquiring several snack foods from my good friend Ged from “The chilli pepper company”, now in my mind, although snacks are a damn good thing to have, I don’t feel I can devote an entire review to just one of those snacks, so I rounded them all up and decided to review them all in one go, attributing a few lines to each product, that way you get something nice to read, and it gives you a fair idea of how these snacks taste, without further adieu, lets start eh?

Okay the first product is simply known as “Deadly hot chilli cashew nuts”, now I don’t know if you knew this readers, but the cashew nut is the seed of something known as the “Cashew apple”, the nut grows underneath the apple and in brazil (where the cashew tree grows) the apple is actually considered more of a delicacy then the nut itself! Now these particular cashew nuts come in a simple little 100g tub with a nice red and white label on the top that warns the consumer of the heat, and that they should not be consumed by anyone under 18!

Ingredients: Cashew nuts, naga powder, salt

Hot and Spicy Fudge

Hot and Spicy Fudge

I popped the lid and took a nice handful, popped them into my mouth and chewed heartily, I then ran to my fridge and pulled out my trusty milk and immediately glugged it down, for these cashew nuts are really f***ing HOT! A quick look at the website told me that these nuts do indeed have Naga powder on them and for that reason alone these are one of the hottest nut products on the market today, alot of “chilli nuts” are mild and don’t have the kick that their name implies, this is not the case with these cashew nuts!

At £2.00 for a 100g pot these certainly are’nt the cheapest cashews around, but they are guaranteed to surprise your friends and family when they ask for one, try putting them in an empty bag of normal cashews for comedy effect!

Next up we have two different varieties of butter fudge, mmmm I love fudge! The two varieties that “The chilli pepper company” sell are “Hot and spicy Fudge” and “Ginger and chilli fudge” and both are equally delicious! They come in 150g clear plastic bags with gold foil lines on them, a black and red label with the title on them and the ingredients label on the base!

Ingredients, Ginger Chilli Fudge: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Condensed milk, Butter, Palm oil, Fondant, Ginger, Treacle, Guajillo chilli, Flavouring, Salt.

Ingredients, Hot and Spicy Fudge: Sugar, Glucose syrup, Condensed milk, Butter, Palm oil, Fondant, Cayenne pepper, Salt.

Both these fudge’s are literally to die for, I would say that out of this snack review these are definitely my second favourite thing (more on that soon), they literally melt in the mouth and they have a tiny bit of heat, the hot and spicy ones are a little hotter, but then with Ginger being one of the main ingredients of the other fudge thats kind of to be expected. Both fudges have a different chilli in them and for that reason they seem to be very unique, the “Ginger and chilli” fudges seems to be a very mouth warming sensation whereas the “Hot and spicy fudge” has a heat to it that hits the back of throat and a leaving little tickle, but to be honest its not about the heat for these fudge’s, its more about flavour and they both score very highly in that department and at only £1.95 for 150g its certainly cheaper than other quality fudge and satisfies totally in both heat and flavour, now you would’nt get that in a normal fudge now would you?

Last but by no means least I present you with 2 chocolate based products, one is the “Belgian milk chocolate chilli nibs” and the other is my personal favourite in this round up, the “Flaming chocolate fireballs”, both of them come in the same bags as the fudge, with similar labels except that the “Belgian milk chocolate chilli nibs” (god thats a mouthful!!) have a white label adorned with chilli’s as opposed to a black one.

Ingredients, Belgian milk chocolate chilli nibs: Milk chocolate ( Sugar, Whole milk powder, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Flavouring; Natural vanilla) Chilli powder (0.6%)

Ingredients, Flaming chocolate fireballs: Sugar, Full cream milk powder, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Hazlenuts (8%), Refined vegetable oil, Milk proteins, Fat reduced cocoa powder, Bhut Jolokia chilli (0.6%), Emulsifier; Soya lecithin, Flavouring; Natural vanilla.

Flamming Chocolate Fireballs

Flamming Chocolate Fireballs

Now, the chilli nibs were very nice, good quality chocolate and a hint of chilli make these an enjoyable chocolate treat for any chocoholic who also happens to be a chilehead! The burn is almost non existant to be fair, but the flavour in the chocolate more than makes up for it and you know Ged has made sure these chocolates are of the highest quality, these are a melt in the mouth treat and at only £2.00 for a 200g bag you’re laughing!

Although in this review I have covered several top quality chilli snack items, it has to be said that the final product for review today is the jewel in CPC’s chilli confectionary crown! Ged’s “Flaming chocolate fireballs” score big in my book for two very good reasons, one of them is the fact that they contain my favour chilli, the Naga and the second is that they are sooooooo tasty its unreal! when you bite into one of these, the first thing that hits you before the naga flavour and heat is the hazlenuts, and they go so well with the Naga, of course after the flavour comes a heat that really sets the back of the tongue and throat on fire, when i ate my first one i never expected this and i coughed a bit at the heat! Until I tried these chocs i never would have guessed that praline and Naga would go so well together, but it does and it creates a taste sensation that is unlike any other chilli confectionary product I have tried to date, these are clearly loved by many as ged has currently sold out of them, but if you catch him at a show i’m sure he will have some then, and if not then this is a call to Ged, “GED, MAKE SOME MORE FIREBALLS PLEASE, YOUR FANS LOVE THEM!!” thats sorted i guess there is’nt much more to say other than go to and buy at least one of the products I have reviewed today and I promise you will not be disappointed!!

May the sauce be with you my chilli padawans!!!

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