Gaby’s Hot Stuff – FFUK09 Best Hot Sauce

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Fiery Foods National chilli awards winner – Best Hot Sauce

I’m sat here on a cold October night, looking at what could possibly be the most beautiful and elaborate bottle of hot sauce I have ever seen, the sauce comes from a company run by a hot blooded woman from Panama! Gaby used to love seeing all the chilli’s growing in the local gardens in the countryside of Panama and she was often given some to try, she loved the fruity aromas and flavours given off by the chilli, it was then she realised that she was indeed a chilehead, and set about making her own hot sauce!

Gaby's Hot Stuff

Gaby's Hot Stuff

Fast forward a few years to roughly one year ago, Gaby decided to open a company to promote and sell the sauce she enjoyed making so much, “Gaby’s Hot Stuff” was born and so the story began..

Ingredients: Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Celery, Habanero peppers, Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Lime, Chilli extract.

This isn’t the first time I have come across this amazing hot sauce, I first met Gaby and co. at the “Fiery foods UK Festival” in Brighton earlier this year, where “Gaby’s Hot Stuff” won the “Best Hot Sauce” award from the panel of 3 judges which included myself! After the awards ceremony I was asked to pose with Gaby for a couple of photo’s and then I was presented with a bottle of the original sauce as a gift, there and then I knew I had to review it!

So here it is, “Gaby’s Hot Stuff” a sauce that has to be seen to be truly believed and appreciated, the bottle alone is a pure work of art, a black glass bottle with the red and black “Hot Stuff” label on it, with a simple red and black ingredients label adorning the back. The whole neck and shoulders of the bottle is coated with melted red wax that is hand-crafted by Gaby herself and then finished off with a simple cork in the top giving it an almost red wine look, a lot of love goes into these bottles people!!

The sauce inside obviously can’t be seen due to the nature of the bottle, but let me tell you, its a myriad of colours, yellow mostly with fresh looking red and green flecks throughout, no doubt from the habanero’s and coriander respectively, the texture is that of a nice semi chunky liquid, beautiful chunks of celery,onion and habenero pepper give this such a nice texture, one that’s definitely not runny, and one that will add something completely different to your next meal!

I popped the cork on my bottle of “Original Hot Stuff” and let it stand for a couple of minutes before I scanned the open top with my nose, allowing the scent of the sauce to creep in, immediately I was hit by the unmistakable smell of habanero peppers, coupled with the mix of garlic and coriander, oddly enough I couldn’t smell the extract that was listed on the ingredients so this boded well for me!

I took out my tablespoon (I use a tablespoon for the less insane sauces, to get a better idea of taste!) and poured a generous amount on to it, lifting the spoon to my lips I took one last whiff before placing the contents on my tongue and swirling it a little to fully grasp the flavour.

For a split second I thought my head was going to explode as a complex mix of flavours entered my mouth, the habanero’s were obvious but never before have I tasted coriander used so well in a sauce, it was such a good flavour hit that I had to have another, and as I lifted the spoon into my mouth, that’s when the hiccups hit me! This sauce isn’t stupidly hot, but its hotter than any supermarket sauce you will find, it has a heat kick from the extract but with no extract flavour to be found the heat kick is a perfect compliment to the taste and texture of this outstanding sauce.

It won the “Best hot sauce” award at this years FFUK festival for a bloody good reason, and that reason is that it seems to have an almost unmatched blend of flavour and heat, a sauce that outshone a large number of rivals in the competition and for that reason alone you should be buying this sauce. But if that’s not enough to convince you I can assure you that for £12 you get 375ml of this amazing sauce in a bottle that is clearly centrepiece material, and if you compare that price to what you pay for half the amount of sauce, I think you’ll have to agree this is worth its weight indeed! And if that wasn’t convincing enough, Gaby has even started doing her award winning sauce in wallet friendly 200ml square jars at a mere £3.50 a jar…now if that isn’t a good value hot sauce then I honestly don’t know what is!

You can catch Gaby and co. at old Spitalfields market every Sunday, or if you can’t quite make it there then you can always purchase a bottle from or (£15.99 a bottle from FP).

For the love of all things hot, go grab a bottle now before someone you know buys one first and then brags about how good it is!! always i will see you again soon chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!!
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