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Fruit & Spice Chilli Chocolate

Fruit & Spice Chilli Chocolate

In the packet are two large slabs of the chocolate, it looks like it has been hand spread to cool, in the surface you can see bumps covering the sultanas.

This feels like is a real Christmas treat, the chocolate has a good crisp crack as you snap off a piece, and the flavour of the mixed spices and orange oil are the first to appear on the tongue, then the warmth of the chilli spreads around the mouth, leaving you with a warming glow.

Ingredients: Chocolate 73% (of which Cocoa solids 60%, sugar, soya lecithin, natural vanilla), Sultanas 25%, Chilli 1%, Mixed Spice 1% (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves), Orange Oil.

I really enjoyed this chocolate, I think the texture of the sultanas and the flavour of the mixed spices combined with the crack of the chocolate finishing with the warmth of the chilli makes this one of the best. It may not look as polished as some, but the finish and the style of package all adds to the appeal.

I hope Santa leaves some in my stocking this Christmas..

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