Fire Foods Amateur Scoville Awards 2009 – Results

by Hot Juan on October 20, 2009 · 5 comments

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Amateur Scoville Trophy 2009

Amateur Scoville Trophy 2009

Saturday night I spent tasting hot sauces, chutneys, chilli chocolate and chilli vodka! No it was not a typical night at home with Hot Juan, but I was a judge at the Fire Foods Amateur Scoville Awards 2009.

The Event took place in a small pub in Cove, near Farnborough, Hampshire. The evening started with an informal chat amongst the attendees, while Darth Naga was persuaded to eat one of Fire Foods new infinity chillies – you have to wait for the video from Darth to see what happened to him.

While Darth was still recovering, Woody and I sat at a small table and worked our way through a collection of 14 home made hot sauces. After we had smelt and tasted each sauce we passed them on to be tasted by the group of competitors who had attended.

We tasted each sauce and ranked them for heat and flavour out of 10, while making notes that would help us select the winner.

Among the sauces we had such concoctions as Iggy’s Diablo Sauce, Kamikaze Ketchup, Fuckadodeledoo, Black Burn III and Black Burn IV , WTF, Paulie’s Chocolate Pain and one that became known as Tolemans Baby Food, as it arrived in a small baby food container.

Tasting so many sauces, one after another, took its toll on our taste buds, and we swigged at bottles of milk to try to clear our mouths between sauces until we had chosen the final four sauces.

Kamikaze Ketchup, Paulie’s Chocolate Pain, Tolemans Baby Food and Multi Pod Sauce were the final four. The first to be voted out was Paulie’s Chocolate Pain, then we lost Multi Pod Sauce, leaving us with a very hard choice between the Baby food and the Ketchup. The baby food finally took the day for the hot sauces, but the judges now had to taste the non-sauce category.

And the winner is

And the winner is

Darth Naga was not in fine form having bounced back from the infinity chilli and was helping us with what was mostly a selection of chutneys. I think this selection of seven products included some of the best and worst products of the evening, but in the end Iggy’s Spicy Tomato Chutney was declared the winner with high praise being also given to a Chocolate Hab Spread.

We then huddled in a corner to decide which of our category winners was to become the overall champion of the Fire Foods Amateur Scoville Awards 2009.

By a unanimous vote we all selected Iggy’s Spicy Tomato Chutney as the winner. It was in a class of its own as a chutney.

After this we all sat chatting about the important things in life, like growing chillies and how good was the chilli Vodka. The evening would have continued, but the pub was closing and it was time to go home and write this before I forgot how hard it is to be a judge at a Chilli tasting event.

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