Fire Foods – Firemite Video Review

by Darth Naga on October 15, 2009 · 2 comments

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Fire Foods - Firemite

Fire Foods - Firemite

I think I have a lot in common with this sauce, or at least my review style does. “What are you talking about Darth??” I hear you cry, well I’m talking about the latest sauce I have here for review, it’s one of those you are going to love or hate, there is no in between and it’s the same for my review style!

This sauce is made by a company known to the world as “Fire foods“, the company was started 3 years ago by Nick Woods and his lovely wife Zoe ( I have met them prior to this review and they are both really nice and friendly people!) who started growing chilli’s and from there went on to making sauces and such, taking just 6 products to Grantham market where they sold very well, so Nick “Woody” Woods and his wife went on to start the company with just a handful of products and £500 in the kitty.

Three years on they are fast becoming one of the best known Makers of hot products in the UK, they have a great forum where chileheads come and chat daily, as well as share growing tips and recipes for chilli products, they also have their own clothing line known as “Fire fashion” which are more prominent at festivals and such as the clothes have very noticeable flames and quotes on them!

Most of “Fire Foods” milder products are hotter than others mid range stuff, Woody himself states on the “about us” page of his website “my mission is to create hot products bursting with flavour, it’s all about finding the right balance, I would not want to add things to my dinner that would just make it so hot you can’t taste it”. So without further ado let’s move on to the review itself!!

Ingredients: Tomato juice, carrot, yeast extract, chillies, mustard, cornflour.

This particular sauce is one of Mine and Mrs Naga’s favourites, “Firemite” is so called because of the obvious use of yeast extract in the sauce, the bottle itself is a standard 150ml sauce bottle that most of the UK hot sauce manufacturers use, on this bottle is a very modest label that has the “Fire foods” now famous flaming logo on it, accompanied by the name of the sauce, the ingredients list and the “Fire foods” website address, the sauce behind the glass is a lovely deep brown in colour with lots of white mustard seeds and chilli seeds in it.

The texture as you can imagine with all the mustard seeds is similar to that of wholegrain mustard, albeit a little thinner, pourable even! I cracked open the bottle and took a good strong sniff of the product itself, the beautiful smell of yeast extract filled my nostrils and my mouth immediately began to water, the anticipation of tasting this sauce was too much and i decided to swig it straight from the bottle as it smelt soooo good!

The immediate flavour was obvious, yeast extract and plenty of it!! For those of you that are big fans of yeast extract, you’ll love this sauce, I promise you that, as long as you can handle the heat of course! The heat kinda took me by surprise as it’s not something you would expect from a sauce with this type of aroma, the sweat was on!! I didn’t hiccup at all but my mouth was definitely burning and i could feel the heat building as i took another swig!!

This is a sauce no family should be without (as long as you like yeast extract lol) it’s hot enough to keep the chilli fans happy, but mild enough that you could (and should!) use it in almost everything on a daily basis, Woody has created a unique sauce that seems to effortlessly combine immense flavour and a good dose of heat in one lovely little package, a package that is a mere £3, and to be honest its a good thing it’s so cheap, because you WILL go through a lot of this stuff on a regular basis, in fact I’d get a regular weekly order set up with fire foods, because after the first bottle you’ll be hooked and the addiction will be there!!

I would compare this to another product but i really can’t as there is no other sauce that combines such unique flavours into one very tasty and oh so moorish chilli based product! As you can tell from this review and the video below, I like this sauce a hell of a lot, and you will too so just go and buy a bottle now before Woody runs out, visit for more information or to order.

Until next we meet chilefanz, may the sauce be with you!!

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avatar habaneros October 20, 2009 at 9:08 am

What can you say about Firemite!!

It’s bloody great and believe it or not I don’t like marmite!!!!

However give me mature cheddar toasted and sprinkled with Firemite and I am in my element!!

It’s also brilliant if you mix it with lemon juice and drizzle it over smoked salmon. Big Thumbs Up!


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