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Nitro Naga Extreme Edition

Nitro Naga Extreme Edition

Its a cloudy, cold saturday afternoon in October, i think its time i wrote another review, this sauce comes from someone known as “Chillichutneyman” and he sells some of his products through . Bryn (as is the chillichutneyman’s name) used to be an insurance broker but then started growing and making recipes from his own chilli’s, it started as a hobby but then after some encouragement from friends he decided to sell his products locally, nowadays he makes and sells a variety of pickles, chutneys and sauces, one of which i have here right now!

Ingredients: tomatoes, onions, garlic, dried naga chillies (1g), dried red chillies (2.5g), herbs, spices, mustard powder, sugar (19g), worcestershire sauce,malt vinegar, ginger, salt (1.25g), pepper, water.

“Nitro Naga Extreme Edition” comes in a beautiful and very unique 150ml bottle that looks similar to the old school medicine bottles that things like cough medicine and such used to come in, the lable on the bottle is very eye-catching with some lovely blended red,yellow and orange lettering on a black background. The sauce itself is a nice caramel colour (no doubt from the worcestershire sauce) with black flecks, red pieces of chilli and seeds that can be seen floating in the mixture.

I took off the lid and gave this my usual olfactory once-over, and i’m pleased to say i could smell a hint of Naga and tomato in amongst the unmistakeable smell of worcestershire sauce, now at this point i was a little concerned that this would be the overpowering factor and the naga flavour would be overshadowed by the worcestershire, but ever prevalent in my tasting campaign i soldiered on undeterred and took a large spoon of this stuff!

The taste as it hit my tongue was one of tomato and ginger, coupled very well with the flavour of Naga’s and Worcestershire, this sauce has such a complex flavour its difficult to pinpoint any particular one, then the heat hit was an interesting heat, and as i took another mouthful i realised this is a heat that builds as you eat more, a heat thats not piercing, but warm enough to set the saliva glands glands off and get my forehead leaking a little.

“Nitro Naga Extreme Edition” Has such a unique flavour i had great difficulty trying to find a sauce to compare it to, if you took a worcestershire sauce and perhaps mixed it with “Ass kickin original hotsauce” you’d have a little idea of how this tastes, but its more than that! Chillichutneyman has captured so many flavours into one sauce that it will be almost impossible to emulate it, that blended with a heat that is certainly not “OMFGHOT” but a more subtle and warming heat, the kind of heat that you can appreciate will be hot for most people, but a pleasant change for the nutters like myself.

At only £3.99 for 150ml exclusively from , this sauce is extremely good value for money, and definitely one i recommend buying! You will go through the first bottle quickly as its quite moreish, but take your time and savour it, then go back and buy another, at that sort of price you can’t afford not to!!

So thats it for another sauce review, until next time padawans, keep watching and please feel free to email your comments to myself or Hot Juan, or better still why not register and leave comments on the reviews themselves!! May the sauce be with you!!!

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