Hot-Headz – Who Dares Burns

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Hot-Headz - Who Dares Burns

Hot-Headz - Who Dares Burns

Okay, its saturday evening and i’m sat here with my flagship sauce in hand, i call this one my flagship sauce simply because its the first hotsauce that made me an extreme heat junkie, this sauce singlehandedly introduced me to the pleasure/pain cycle of the extreme hot sauce category. Hot-Headz is a company that has been around a fair number of years, and over the past two i have always had a bottle of this sauce in my posession, as you can tell, i’m a huge fan but without further ado lets introduce this fantastic little product!

Ingredients: Hot chile peppers (19%), pepper extract, water, vinegar, onion puree, spices, salt, xanthan gum.

Who Dares Burns” Is one of Hot-Headz own products and was Stuart McAllisters own entry into the extreme heat arms race that seems to still be going on, by this i mean that every, EVERY hotsauce manufacturer is doing its best to bring out the newest, hottest sauce they can think of. Now Stu decided to jump into this arms race, but her brought some pretty heavy weaponry with him in the form of this sauce, the ingredients are nice and simple, extract is high on the list so you would expect the extract taste to be overpowering right? WRONG!

The main flavour in this sauce comes from the “Hot Chile Peppers” which i can tell you are “Chipotle” chillies in case you could’nt tell from the flavour or have’nt tried this sauce yet, the bottle itself is a bottle that Stu uses for most of his sauces, its a little smoother than the american bottles but a similar shape nonetheless! Upon this bottle is a label adorned with a symbol that emulates the SAS insignia, but replacing the dagger instead with a winged chilli and its accompanied by the motto “Who Dares Burns” in nice red lettering, the sauce inside is a rich reddy brown colour with white and black flecks throughout.

As you can see from the video i opened the bottle and took a sniff, you can tell from the smell alone that this is going to be a hot but very delicious sauce, it has a wonderful earthy, smoky smell that lingers in your nose for a while, sure theres a hint of extract there as well but the main aroma is definitely the Chipotle chillies!! I poured a glut of this out onto a tablespoon (as i love this sauce so much!) and tentatively put it in my mouth and held it there to savour the flavours for a few seconds before gulping it down and bracing myself.

The heat was immediately apparent, causing a large amount of burning in my mouth and throat, but the taste was so good i kind of didn’t care really!! The taste of chipotle in this is so strong that you soon learn to bear with the heat of the sauce as the flavour is so intense and it does genuinely make you want more of it!

After i made the video and recovered from my hiccups, i sat down in a pool of my own chilli created sweat and decided to write this review to accompany said video, this sauce is not to be missed and certainly not to be treated with anything but the respect it deserves, its not the hottest sauce out there, but its one of the tastiest extreme sauces you will every buy, and anyone who knows their extreme sauces knows that they can taste very extracty and cost up to and above ten quid a bottle, this stuff costs a mere £4.99 from and for that price its a bargain and no mistake! It will last a while if you’re new to extreme sauces and its a great way to break yourself in for the fiery road ahead if you choose to go down that path! This sauce can’t be compared to anything else really that i know of, of course there are many i have’nt tried, but i have tried a few chipotle sauces, and while good, they don’t pack the kick that this lil beauty does!! So go out and buy a bottle today, tell em Darth Naga sent you and say hi to Stu for me!!

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