How to stop the chilli burn

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The magic ingredient in Chilli that burn us is capsaicin, it does not as burn the taste buds, but reacts with receptors in the mouth making us think our mouth is being burned, capsaicin is an oil, so to dilute it we need to mix it with other oils or things that will stick to oil.

Milk - Stop the Chilli Burn

Milk - Stop the Chilli Burn

A cold drink will offer instant relief, but may not have a lasting effect

Milk – This is probably the best known cure; if you have watched some of Darth Naga’s videos you will have seen him empty a bottle of milk after reviewing a particularly extreme sauce.

Effectiveness 8/10

Bread and butter – This was my favourite cure, but most times when I needed it most, the butter was hard and in the fridge, but it does work well when you are prepared, the bread helps work the butter around the mouth and the oil in the butter soak up the capsaicin.

Effectiveness 6/10 (less cooling effect)

Yogurt and Fizzy water – Darth Tried this at West Dean Chilli Fiesta, and it seemed to work well, he arrived with 3 large bottles ready prepared, this idea comes from Lassi a popular and traditional yogurt-based drink which originated in the Punjab region of the Indian, that is often served in restaurants

Effectiveness 8/10 (Similar if not more effective than milk)

Sugar water – This can work as a rinse to help remove the Capsaicin and cool the sooth the mouth.

Effectiveness 4/10 (Rinse only, not as effective as milk at long term relef)

Beer – Capsaicin is soluble in alcohol, but beer is only between 2-4% alcohol, which will have little effect on the Capsaicin, but if the beer is cool, it will feel like it is helping, in fact the beer will tend to wash the Capsaicin around the mouth and may well increase the burn.

Effectiveness 3/10 (Cool the mouth but only a temporary effect)

Olive/Veg Oil – Capsaicin is soluble in Vegetable oils, so you could use this to wash out your month, but is does little to cool/relieve the burning (not many people keep oil in the fridge)

Effectiveness 3/10

There are a number of things you could also try and we will be testing these over the next few months to see how effective they can be.

Coconut milk. Citrus juice, Ice Cream, Banana, Chocolate, Honey, Rice, Soft tortilla and Cucumber.

If you are planning to eat hot a extra hot meal we always recommending lining your stomach, with some yogurt or milk before you start, it always seem to help us.

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