make us a brew! – mint & chilli tea

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make us a brew! - mint & chilli tea

make us a brew! - mint & chilli tea

The story goes – “One night, Mr Scruff was making a stir-fry, unknown to him, a small goat was asleep on the floor, he tripped over the goat sending the ingredients flying. Fortunately, most of it landed in the frying pan, except for some chillies which landed in his mint tea. Whilst cooking, he drank some of his brew and had a nice surprise. From this point, he started putting chilli in his mint tea, and offered it to guests, who also liked it. So he decided to make his own mint and chilli teabags, as not everybody has a goat in their kitchen!”

Mr Scruff is a DJ, Producer, cartoonist & Tea Drinker and has been involved in the music scene since the early 90’s.
I am a tea drinker, but not normally alternative teas, but I had to try this as it contains the magic ingredient “Chilli” I like mint and this tea has the sparkle from spearmint and a small kick from the chilli.

Organic Ingredients: Peppermint (48%), Spearmint (40%) and Chilli (12%).

My first cup I removed the bag after a minute, this was a mistake, the tea is much better with the bag left in, the chilli it seems needs some time to release it warmth as does the Peppermint.

The Chilli never becomes overpowering but gives a good boost of warmth to the flavour which is mostly of mint, as you would expect.

I am not sure I will be moved from the brown stuff, but if you like mint tea, I think it must be worth ago.
You can order a box of 25 bags directly from Mr Scruff’s web site as well as well know chilli superstore Scorchio

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