WhyNotHot – Unhinged Video Review

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WhyNotHot - Unhinged

WhyNotHot - Unhinged

Hi there Chilefanz!!! Its Darth Naga here after a little break and some recovery from the FFUK festival, fresh and ready to do more reviews and such for all you loyal ChileFoundry readers!!

This sauce comes from a company that was completely unknown to me before the West Dean Chilli Fiesta in August, “WhyNotHot” are a small business based on a smallholding in Cwmgwili, West Wales, they have been around for about 3 years now and the company is comprised mainly of Ben Calder and his fiancées, who grow fresh chillies and try to use their own in the sauces they make where they can.

I’m reviewing one of their newest products, one that has only been on the market for about 3-4 months, it’s a Scotch bonnet and Naga based sauce and goes by the ominous name of “Unhinged”…

Ingredients: Scotch Bonnets, Red Chillies, Carrots, Peaches, Orange Juice, Apricots, Water, Vinegar, Naga Bhut Jolokia Chillies, Onions, Garlic, Naga Bhut Jolokia Powder, 6.4 Million Scoville Chilli Extract, Salt.

As you can see from the list of ingredients, this sauce contains 3 different kinds of chilli, one of which is my personal fave as you no doubt know by now! It also contains 6.4 million Scoville Unit extract which was sure to kick the heat up a notch or two, the bottle itself is one of the standard hot sauce bottles that are used by companies like Hot Headz and ChilliPepperPete who like bottles a little differently to the Americans. The label on the bottle is bright and colourful and shows a green man in a strait jacket, who looks like he is in terrible pain, it also has a bright red heat scale on the side just to give you an idea of how hot the beautiful orange coloured sauce inside is!

Now while I was recording this and sniffing the bottle I was expecting an extract smell but i honestly could not detect it..so I started to get a little scared at this point, I KNEW it was going to be really hot, but the scent of this sauce betrayed my senses a little and fooled me into thinking this might not be as hot as I imagined, so I gleefully poured out a good sized amount onto my tasting spoon, and after a moment’s hesitation I put the spoon in my mouth and held the sauce on my tongue for a few seconds to assess the flavour before gulping it down.

Holding it on my tongue was both a blessing and a curse, the sauce has this amazing taste to it of peppers and carrot and garlic all blended with a little mixed fruit juice, but of course the heat was not far behind this gorgeous flavour, and as such my eyes started streaming, the sweat started flowing and of course, my chilli hiccups kicked into overdrive!

But through all this, the pain and the sweat was second to the beautiful flavours I was experiencing in fact the flavour was so good I decided to have another teaspoon like a complete IDIOT!! There once again was the fantastic flavours I had experienced before but the heat was refuelled and enhanced by the second spoonful, so much that I started coughing a little, but even with all this going on one thing dawned on me the flavour of extract and the nasty aftertaste it usually leaves behind was nonexistent! I could not detect a hint of extract flavour at all, and it’s for that reason that this sauce gets such high marks from me.

The only sauces i could even think to compare this to would be CPP’s “Red Headhunter” and HH’s “Satans Sweat” for both flavour and heat, but all three sauces are really in their own league!

I never got the price for this sauce as i was given it as a review copy and totally forgot to ask what the price was, but i would quite happily pay up to £8 for a sauce as nice as this with the heat to match it and there aren’t many extract sauces out there that can say the heat and flavour are evenly matched, but this one can wear that banner with pride, go now to www.whynothot.co.uk, send em an email and buy a bottle of “Unhinged” today, and tell em that Darth Naga sent you!!

That’s all for now Chileheadz, but keep reading the ChileFoundry and keep your eyes peeled for mine and Hot Juan’s reviews so you know what’s good for you, and what’s not worth a space in your sauce cupboard! Till next time Chile Padawans, may the sauce be with you, always!!

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