ChilliPepperPete – Dragons Blood Video Review

by Darth Naga on September 16, 2009 · 2 comments

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ChilliPepperPete - Dragons Blood

ChilliPepperPete - Dragons Blood

And here I am, back once again with a sauce from one of the forefathers of the UK Hot Sauce movement “Chillipepperpete”, the last time i tried one of Pete’s sauces, certain parts of my body handed in their today I managed to entice them back with better wages and less abuse, only to turn the tables and yet again consume one of Pete’s hottest products…i have decided to accept the fact that i must be insane, Hot Juan is always telling me “Darth, you are completely mad, us a toothpick for crying out loud man!!” but there I was, with my tasting spoon at the ready, camera on and sweating in anticipation as I tried this sauce…

Ingredients: Capsicum, Vinegar, Pineapple, Apple, Bih Jolokia (dried), Fresh stressed Naga pods, Facing Heaven chillis, Sugar, tabasco chillis, 6.4M SU Chilli Extract.

The label on this bottle of “Dragons Blood” is colourful and has the new “chillipepperpete” branding and logo all over it, it has the now famous picture of a dragon against a nice green and red background, the label also claims this to be “an extreme heat product” and given that this sauce has come from the award winning “Chillipepperpete” i don’t doubt the claim for one second!

The sauce itself is a fiery red colour, with some seeds that can be seen floating in the mixture, opening the bottle and taking a sniff I can note a few smells, the main ones being pineapple, apple and extract also..looking at the ingredients list you can see this has extract in it, so it definitely fits into the “extreme heat” category and this is not a sauce that those who are fainthearted should try, it’s for serious chileheadz and my fellow “Pithlords” (a word i made up for psychopaths like myself who follow the dark side of the sauce!).

As you can see from the video, i filled up my tasting spoon to the brim and after a bit of hesitation I gulped this down, swirling it round and savouring the flavour for as long as I could before the heat kicked in. I was not disappointed, this is a sauce that is up there with the greats, it has ALOT of heat i assure you, but it has something a lot of extreme sauces lack, flavour. The pineapples and apples were immediately obvious in the flavour, it seems that CPP uses a lot of fruit in his sauces and I have to say they work really well, and while this sauce doesn’t have the flavour that some of his other sauces have its still a welcome change to the usual extreme sauces that I have tasted in the past that have sacrificed the all important flavour just to crank the heat up a notch or two!

You can buy this stuff from ChilliPepperPete himself at his website at £6 for 100ml bottle, or alternatively pick it up from Scorchio for £6.49 or from Hot-Headz for £5.99, the only sauce I can really compare this too is probably “Daves Insanity Ghost Pepper Sauce” or “Mad Dogs ghost pepper sauce” which both contain Naga and extract much like Petes but with not as much flavour! And as with a lot of extract sauces, this is amazing value for money as it simply won’t run out anytime soon, there’s just so much of it and you use so little that it goes a long, long way!

So go out and buy a bottle today, or alternatively come along to the “Fiery Foods Festival” in Brighton on the 19th and 20th of September and come buy a bottle from Pete himself!!! Tell him Darth Naga sent you!

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