ChilliPepperPete’s – Red Headhunter Sauce

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ChilliPepperPete - Red Headhunter Sauce

ChilliPepperPete - Red Headhunter Sauce

The sauce I’m looking at now comes from the legendary “Chilli Pepper Pete”, I won’t go into detail about Pete’s company as he has indeed been featured on our site a few times and lots of details about him can be found within these hallowed pages.

I will however say that i had the awesome chance to meet the gentlemen at the recent West Dean Chilli Fiesta and it was a very good experience, Hot Juan introduced me to Pete who was happy to do a video interview for the ‘foundry and we had a nice chat about all things hot. When you first meet him he kinder reminds you of a hippy dude who just loves chile’s and everything to do with them, you’ll be able to see the interview here at the ChileFoundry in time, but for now let’s get on with the sauce!!

So this sauce is known ominously as “Red Headhunter Sauce” and is made with mainly Naga Jolokia, the bottle itself is a 140ml bottle with a bright red label on it displaying the name a picture of an interesting shrunken head (where the hell did Pete get these pics?? lol) and the sauce inside is an orangey red colour with plenty of seeds suspended in the mix!

Ingredients: Pineapple, onions, vinegar, beetroot, Naga Bih Jolokia, red bell peppers, sugar, tomato, garlic, salt.

As you can see the ingredients list is neither long, nor is there any form of preservative there, so this is one fresh sauce!! It also contains my favourite pepper, the Naga Jolokia (I love the Naga, but it really hates me!!). Now for those of you out there that believe that the Bih/Bhut/Naga Jolokia peppers are all different peppers I can tell you now, they are all very, VERY similar peppers, the only things that usually differ is the heat, shape and size depending on where they are grown, these peppers have been given different names because of the location they come from, but just take a bite from each and you’ll soon agree there is no noticeable difference in flavour, and the heat will hurt so much you won’t care about that either!

I was pleased to see there is no extract in this sauce, so i was hoping that there would be a nice unadulterated Naga taste to this sauce, i opened the bottle and did my usual sniff test! The aroma that came from the neck of the bottle was that of cooked Naga and onion with a hint of bell pepper, of course this further cemented my belief that this sauce would indeed be “Nagafied” enough to satisfy even the most hardened of Chileheadz!

I poured out a small amount onto my fabled tasting spoon (its seen a lot of action this spoon!!) and put it into my mouth, what followed was a wave of pineapple and Naga flavour followed by a rush of intense heat that while not extract hot, was enough to bring out my now famous “BOS” (beads of sweat), this was a very enjoyable experience for me what with this being my first real taste of a CPP sauce, i cannot explain the flavour well enough, it was the most unique flavour I think I’ve ever tasted, the sweetness of the pineapple coupled with the fruity taste and BITE of the Naga pepper makes this a truly amazing sauce!

The sauce itself is available from both and for £3.50 and £3.99 respectively, i would suggest you go and buy a bottle if you are a fan of the Naga like me, the fruity twist makes it a valid and worthwhile addition to anyone’s hot sauce cupboard, and I can honestly say that after tasting this I am looking forward to reviewing more of Pete’s products in the future!!

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