Cottage Delight- Habanero Chilli Steak Sauce

by Darth Naga on September 14, 2009 · 1 comment

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Cottage Delight - Habanero Chilli Steak Sauce

Cottage Delight - Habanero Chilli Steak Sauce

I sit here at my computer, writing another review for you chilli headz to read here at the ChileFoundry and i smile knowing that these reviews are actually read and enjoyed by people and in some instances the product mentioned is also bought by some of you chilli fanz out there, and i have to say it makes me happy to spread the word of the chilli and try and bring it to as many people as i can.

The sauce I bring to you all today is made by a company that was conceived way back in 1974 by Nigel Cope, the “Cottage Delight” brand was first placed on their popular fudge range, and nowadays some thirty odd years down the line they have over 700 products in their range a lot of which are made in house.

I have tried sauces from this company before, and i must say i enjoyed the nice flavours to come from a company that is more of a speciality company than a supermarket company, let’s hope this sauce doesn’t disappoint!

Ingredients: Tomato puree, sugar, syrup, molasses, spirit vinegar, Habanero chillies (3.8%) and scotch bonnet chillies, spices (contains mustard), salt, stabilizer: xanthan gum, thyme, pimento, smoke flavouring, preservative: potassium sorbate.

The bottle design is a simple one, a cream and black label with “Habanero Chilli Steak Sauce” and a half Habanero on the front coupled with the company logo, it’s not a design or colour scheme that i would say stands out at all, and after 30 years you’d think the company could come up with a little more attractive packaging, but hey, it’s all about the sauce inside right??

The sauce itself is a dark brown and looks pretty much the same as supermarket brown sauce, the smell from the bottle after popping the lid and giving it a shake reminds me too much of bog standard BBQ sauce, and looking at the ingredients list i fear this too will suffer the same problem of being too sweet when used as is, and becoming too bitter when cooked.

After tasting the sauce with my spoon i can honestly say that exactly what i had feared was true, the sauce is VERY sweet with no real discernable flavour just a lot of sweetness and a tiny hint of heat from the Habanero but no more than a standard bottle of supermarket chilli sauce would kick out, it also has a mouldy/earthy aftertaste that myself AND Mr’s Naga could taste (actually in all honesty Mr’s Naga pointed it out first!!).

The heat builds as you eat more of it but I have only eaten more of it for the purpose of this review and to be honest i couldn’t imagine many people eating much of this, it claims to be a steak sauce but I’m not sure if the flavour fits with anything really, certainly not steak! Back before i was vegetarian i used to love steak, pepper sauce was my favourite and then blue cheese, if i was handed this to pour over my steaks back then i wouldn’t have been impressed.

I hate to slate any hot sauce but at the same time I wanted to give you the readers a fair and honest review and I can say that I wouldn’t buy this sauce and I won’t be using any more of it, it really wasn’t nice. If however you really want to try a bottle as an alternative to the bland BBQ sauce you find in supermarkets then you can buy a bottle for about £2.95 which isn’t a bad price, but when you think that you can pick up BBQ sauce for just over a quid at most shops this may be a little pricey for some.

Now i must go and try more hot sauces in the hope that i will find a sauce that will make me eternally pleased with it!! May the sauce be with you!!

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