Beelzebubs Breath – Hell and Back – Hot Chilli Sauces

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Beelzebubs Breath - Hell and Back Hot Chilli Sauces

Beelzebubs Breath - Hell and Back Hot Chilli Sauces

Ahhh another day means another quality review for the Chilefoundry!! and today I’m reviewing a sauce made from my favourite pepper, the Naga Jolokia of course! This sauce comes to us from a company based here in the UK and known to the world as “Hell and Back – Hot chilli sauces“, the company was started by two brothers a while back who decided to build a website where you could buy the hottest and most flavoursome of both UK and US hot sauces, mustards and other things, therefore in essence creating a one stop shop for all things hot!!

Ingredients: Pineapple juice, Naga Bih Jolokia Chillies, Cider Vinegar, Scotch Bonnet Chillies, Carrot, Lime Juice, Ginger, Garlic.

This bottle of their own “Beelzebubs Breath” is a modest and unassuming glass bottle, the same kind we have come to recognise in the hot sauce market, the label itself features a set of white sharks teeth with “666” inside the gaping maw set against a background of red, with red and white alternating design for the title and other lettering, on the back the ingredients list is obviously displayed along with a rather good full colour company logo, this is the part of the bottle that really catches the eye so bravo to the lads for that one!

The sauce itself is an orangey red, as is common with most Naga sauces on the market today, upon opening the bottle and taking a deep sniff i noticed a deep and rich aroma of Naga peppers and pineapple, which was to be expected as those two ingredients are the highest on the list, i decided to approach this one with caution as i know full well the potential of the Naga Jolokia pepper and how more and more hot sauce creators are masking this with pineapple and other fruit juices so that the heat catches you off guard, I precariously poured out a helping onto my fabled tasting spoon and prepared myself before placing the sauce on my tongue…

Swirling the sauce round my mouth I was extremely surprised at how hot this was, the Naga flavour was there and took me by surprise, but i was quite disappointed by the bitter aftertaste left behind, I took a second spoonful after shaking it up just to see if I hadn’t mixed it right and the bitterness remained.

I was very surprised by this as i would have thought that the sweetness of the pineapple would have combined with the Nagas savoury heat and made an amazing sauce as is evident by Chillipepperpetes “Red Headhunter” but this was not the case. If the lads at “Hell and back” sought to make a fiery sauce to be used as an additive to a nice curry or chilli then they have succeeded, but if their aim was to create a nice tasty pouring sauce that also has a kick of insane heat then i am afraid they haven’t done so well in that department.

At £4.99 a bottle this sauce is good value for money if you expect to be using it to heat up curries or other tasty foods, but as I said a table sauce this is not and for that reason it’s a sauce I won’t be buying again, if you are looking for a good Naga pouring sauce with good heat and loads of flavour you’d be better off checking out Chillipepperpetes “Red Headhunter” or Hot-Headz own “Satan’s Sweat” as both of these sauce have the same heat but also pack the flavour that this sauce lacks.

I’m not a hard man to please, I just have to be honest with my reviews, and on that note I shall bid you adieu till next time chile headz!! May the sauce be with you!!

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